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Diosdado Cabello: A new plan to destabilize Venezuela by the Right Wing in 2015
By Les Blough in Venezuela, Editor, Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jan 16, 2015

In his weekly program on National Public Television (VTV), "El Mazo Dando"  Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Assembly (parliament) revealed the new destabilization plan for Venezuela by the right wing opposition. The following is are excerpts of the program, summarized, translated and annotated by Les Blough, Editor, Axis of Logic.

The President of the National Assembly (AN), Diosdado Cabello, reported Wednesday that a new destabilization plan is already running on the right for 2015, called "La Salida 2" (Exit 2), in order to generate chaos in the country and to justify foreign intervention to overthrow the Government of President Nicolas Maduro.

During his weekly program, El Mazo Dando, broadcast on National Public Television (VTV), Cabello indicated that the plan of the violent right includes the hiring of mercenaries and the reactivation of the guarimbas (that took 43 lives last year and mounted tens of millions of dollars of damage to universities and public facilities.)

He said that intelligence services discovered that at the beginning of the year, a truck entered the country from Colombia, using the highway from Cúcuta to San Cristobal in Tachira State on the Colombian border. Cabello stated that the truck transferred one million U.S. dollars as the first part of 2015 funds for the right-wing party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) and Maria Machado who supported the violent overthrow of the government under a pretext of "student protests" in February-April, 2014. 

"This shipment was made by Eligio Cedeño, a Colombian and fugitive from Venezuelan justice from Medellin, very closely linked with Alvaro Uribe (former Colombian president)."

Cabello also asserted that part of the money was used to hire 35 Colombians, recruited in Cali, Barranquilla, and Pereira, "who cashed the equivalent of $1,500 (each) which they were told to distribute from San Cristobal to different areas of the country, for the purpose of instigating looting and violent protests among people who wait in queues to purchase products," in the small food stores and supermarkets, as part of the economic war driven by the right, characterized by hoarding, speculation and smuggling of food. According to radio and television reports, people waiting in line to purchase products earlier this week, were infiltrated by trouble-makers who encouraged rioting and looting.

Cabello stated, "The right is receiving money and is hiring mercenaries to put a vise on Venezuela," and also noted that sectors of the U.S. right are also involved in illegally inserting U.S. dollars into the country for use in destabilization. U.S. funding for the opposition dates back to the 2002 attempted coup against President Hugo Chávez, and since then by the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington and USAID, has been well-documented.

Right Wing Prepares Conditions for Violence
Cabello commented that on Monday, January 12, a meeting was held in the urbanization, The Citadel Plaza de Barquisimeto, Lara state, headed by Lorena Peralta, with the participation of the volunteer groups of Lara, Resistencia Guara, Valle Hondo and Avenida Lara, with the plan dubbed, “Efecto Opresión” (Effect Oppression), designed to provoke the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Bolivarian National Police (GNP) to attack the population in order to generate discontent among Venezuelans. This method was used in the 2014 guarimbas during which both bodies, GNB and GNP, exercised amazing restraint when under attack by the rioters and yet were accused in the western media of "human rights abuses."

Cabello indicated that Plan Efecto Opresión has already programmed violent actions between Avenidas Lara, Bracamonte, Plaza the Lions and Vargas in Barquisimeto. The demonstrators who entered for violent purposes have been infiltrated by intelligence services and identified with purple shirts, tri-colored hats, using messages alluding to student causes as they did during the guarimbas.

This plan, coordinated by Maria Zapata of the political party “Vente Venezuela” and linked with Maria Machado, will particularly emphasize the importance of attacking the National Guard, according to Cabello.

He also pointed out that in Caracas, specifically in the municipality of Chacao, one of the primary centers of ongoing attacks in 2014, there is evidence of non-collection of garbage bags, which is viewed as preparation for reviving the guarimbas there for burning garbage in the streets, as they did in February-April, 2014.

Cabello also denounced the entry into the country of journalists, correspondents and camera crews from right-wing Western media agencies, who have experience in coverage of conflicts and internal unrest in the Middle East and other regions to foment and aid protestors. For example, he identified U.S. journalist Monica Villamizar, who arrived in the country on January 8. Villamizar is  linked to the "Uribismo", referring to the former Colombian right wing President Alvaro Uribe who has consistently backed and supported the overthrow of the Venezuelan government unto this day. She is currently conducting tours in several areas of Caracas, especially around Chacao and Plaza Altamira, along with other journalists and a British cameraman.

Cabello said that these actions have the consent of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (VEC), which is linked with plans for destabilization by the extreme right. In a document the VEC released on January 15, 2015, while President Maduro was on a tour of Asia and the Middle East, they condemned President Maduro for taking Venezuela down “a wrong path ... imposing a socialist Marxist or communist political-economic system." The Church declared, “The current system is totalitarian and centralized, it puts under the control of the state all aspects of life, as well as public and private institutions. It also attacks the liberties and rights of individuals and associations, and has led to oppression and ruin in all countries where it has been attempted.” Diosdado Cabello, later struck back in a press conference, inviting the Church “to set up a political party because they sound more like politicians than Catholics.”

The Economic War
In the TV program, Cabello denounced Peggy Carolina Ordaz Quijada, a member of the right-wing political party, Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), who is linked to the Herrera Brothers company. The Herrera Brothers, CA has warehouses in states of Zulia, Falcon, Monagas, Anzoátegui, Bolivar and in other entities which were occupied last Monday and found to have enormous amounts of hoarded products which were seized along with the corporation's assets. Those involved in the illegal hoarding face prison sentences of 10-12 years in accordance with the constitution and law. (See The US Covert War on Venezuela in 2015 on Axis of Logic).  

Cabello noted that among the products, 50.7 tons of whole and skimmed milk, La Pastoreña; 38.2 tons of rice; 158,920 cans of tuna from several brands; 278,696 cereal boxes, 135.5 tons of laundry detergent (marks Ariel and Ace), 5,000 packages of baby diapers that are equivalent to 160,000 units; 80 thousand units of aluminum foil of one type, 17,000 of another and 37,000 of another, almost 94,000 razors and 80,000 units of shampoo. In addition, boxes of double A and triple A batteries were found among other items.

The company Herrera is directly linked with the Diamond Trading Company Investments LTD, based in Barbados and represented by Peggy Carolina Ordaz Quijada, an activist of the right wing political party, Voluntad Popular (Popular Will.

On his television program yesterday, Diosdado Cabello concluded, "This is not by chance, this cannot be a coincidence, it is completely and totally planned. It is part of the economic war against the country and the people. How do you intend to justify all the merchandise in the warehouses without being distributed (when they cannot be found in the retail markets.)"

Diosdado Cabello, 12 January 2015

Source of Cabello's report in Spanish

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