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Choice Reader Comment
Nadodi on Peculiarities of Russian National Character
By nadodi
Axis of Logic
Saturday, Jan 24, 2015

We have selected the following comment on Peculiarities of Russian National Character as this week's Choice Reader Comment. Nadodi responds to an article by Dmitry Orlov, Peculiarities of Russian National Character.


Anybody with commonsense knows that America is the negative factor in this conflict. The US isn't much interested in the future of Ukraine or any other nation in the world. It is interested in just one goal; to safeguard its global interests. So far, especially after the Cold War, America was having an easy ride around the globe. Today that situation is fast changing with the emergence of economically and militarily powerful nations in Asia and with the resurgence of Russia as a power that can confront the US in foreign shores.

The US is intelligent enough to read the writing on the wall; with the clear shifting of the dynamics of economics towards Asia, with India and China emerging the new global economic engines, the US wants leverage there to sustain its global domination. The US for a long time tried to cripple China economically, militarily and politically. With regard to India, it dismissed the nation as an irrelevant entity that might crumble under its own centripetal forces. Both the assessment proved wrong and these two proved a booming success in economics and politics.

Russia was intelligent to realize that its economic, social and security interests wouldn't be safe within an alliance dominated by the US. It tried to create a bloc involving countries from Asia and Europe. If this bloc materializes, that would function and sustain on its own with the US remaining a mute spectator along the sidelines. That might even ignite centripetal forces within the US, as that country is founded on "search for the riches and wealth creation" rather than anything else. The US has nothing to do with nationalism formed over time, sharing a common geography, history, culture, language and race, which is the "God particle" that creates a nation.

The US knows the danger to its economic and military domination of the world if nation states in Europe and Asia come together on a common platform of mutual progress based on mutually supporting economies. It is this fear psycho that is prompting the US to keep the world in perpetual conflict, leaving no room for a permanent settlement of the conflicts. The US is actually not trying to solve conflicts, but to create more. It would never willingly give up control over Europe, so that Europe would remain in Europe alone, with the US leading the way. It has been the greatest concern of the US whether Europe would go out of its control with the end of the Cold War. The US policy in Europe is to keep the entire continent in perpetual fear to its security. It is the need of the US to portray somebody as a source of that threat. Russia serves that purpose because it is big, and militarily capable to destroy any nation in the world. Only in these conditions, the interests of the US would be safe; that is, unchallenged domination of the world to enable its economic players to dominate and decide the events on this planet.

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