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Ill Winds
By W. Vic Ratsma
Axis of Logic
Sunday, Jun 1, 2003

Ill Winds

Stormclouds gather, dark shadows threaten
the earth and hearts of Man below

With unknown force they are attacking
our lives, our world in peril so.
The heavens break loose in furious lightning
Destroying Man's creations in a feast
Of violence, death, destruction,
Never seen by Man or beast.
Climate change? Nuclear war?
But why, I ask; what's it all for?

We batten down the hatches now
Seeking shelter from this storm
That we should have prevented
By insisting on reform.
By seeking triumph over nature,
not caring for its rules,
Man now will start to pay the price
For behaviour worthy of fools.

Millennia long Man lived on Earth
In harmony with nature
'Till in the last one hundred years
We got so smart, we raped her.
We're taking oil from soil and oceans
Polluting waters, land and air
Now we must live with our fears and emotions
For we failed to love nature and take her in care.

The oceans are warming and the icecaps are melting
Fierce storms are erupting like never before
The waters are rising, while huge fires are burning
It's nature's rebellion against Man's furore.
It is to our peril we ignore Newton's law
That action's reaction to things ever more
Now ill winds are blowing avenging our sins
While no-one's responsible to save our skins.

Our system encourages greed and corruption
For profit and wealth for the few; it is said
to encourage production for human consumption
Go get it now, for too soon you'll be dead!
So take full advantage, while the going is good
So what, if future generations
Have to live with the mess of todays' celebrations
Live the life of the rich: people, nations, et al
While it's ours for the taking, so enjoy and stand tall.

By subjugating weaker nations
and dominating their affairs
The powerful will take control
just as though everything is theirs.
Installing leaders, plunder assets
So the rich get richer still
While the poor stay poor as ever
Dying young, still hungry and ill.
Majority world, rise up in frustration!
Break out of this cycle of long suffocation
Throw off the chains of oppression and dependence
Using hammers and sickles, get free from this sentence.

The world is awash with resistance forces
Prepared to die for their peoples' causes
For freedom they love, and for freedom they fight
Free from oppressors, exploiters, their might
No more occupations by foreigners hands
And no more theft of the wealth from their lands
People's hopes and dreams fulfilled by their own
As they labour to build a new world, stone by stone.

Our Earth and our world, both deep in despair
From destruction of nature and lives, so unfair
Revolution or death is the choice of mankind
Let's end greed and corruption, restore nature, find
Peace in the land and war to be banned
Or will it be Armageddon? A lifeless end?

They are ill winds that are raging these days,
Will we learn how to cope, by mending our ways?

© Copyright 2003 by

W. Vic Ratsma was a lifelong political activist from Nova Scotia, CA who wrote poetry and essays as a columnist for Axis of Logic until his death in Nova Scotia on November 17, 2004.  See our tribute to him published on the day of his death and our "Celebration of Life" in his memory, published on December 3, 2004.