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More "Blowback" to Washington's Threat Against Venezuela
By TeleSur Staff
Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015

Maduro to Request Enabling Law to 'Protect Sovereignty'

President Maduro request the National Assembly to grant the enabling law to defend Venezuela's sovereignty and independence after Washington issues a direct threat.

The enabling law would be aimed at defending Venezuela against any possible aggression.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Monday that he would go to the national assembly to request an enabling law that would enable him to “preserve the peace and defend the country against any imperialist aggression.”

The move follows a statement by the United States government yesterday that declared Venezuela a “threat to the national security.”

Speaking on national public television, Maduro explained that the proposal had been written together with the country’s Attorney General Reinaldo Munoz in order to “preserve (Venezuela’s) … integrety, sovereignty, in face of any circumstances that could arrise with this imperiaist aggression.”

Vice President Jorge Arreaza will present the proposal to the assembly Tuesday.

Maduro also reported that various executive bodies had discussed actions “to politically and diplomatically denounce this United States aggression to various (international) organizations, and to insist on the international illegality of the … decree.”

The last time Maduro requested an enabling law was in 2013. The purpose of that one was to fight corruption and what the government has called an “economic war” being waged by business and opposition sectors.

According to Venezuela’s constitution, 60 percent of the national assembly must approve an enabling law, and the purpose behind the law and its time frame must be clear.

Source: TeleSur

#ObamaYankeeGoHome Viral as Many Reject Threats to Venezuela

Thousands of people have taken to social media in solidarity with Venezuela in the face of new U.S. threats.

The hashtag #ObamaYankeeGoHome is among the top trending topics Tuesday following U.S. President Barack Obama calling Venezuela a “threat to national security” and announcing new sanctions against Venezuelan government officials on Monday.

According to Twitter Topsy, in just 24 hours, over 80,000 tweets with the hashtag have been written.

The phrase, Yankee Go Home in Latin America is a rejection of U.S. interference in countries’ affairs, or outright invasions. The U.S. was involved in the 1973 Chilean coup, in supporting the Nicaraguan contras to overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista revolution, in the 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela, numerous attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro and in the Bay of Pigs invasion, supporting the 2009 coup in Honduras, ousting the national government in Panama in 1989, invading Granada, overthrowing the Guatemalan government in 1954, and much more.

Renowned Venezuelan singer Ali Primera also wrote a song called Worker Latin America, where he would sing, “The U.S. fears the revolution, the U.S. fears the chant, ‘Yankee go home’ … the workers of Latin America say,’Yankee go home.’”

Source: TeleSur