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Commentary on 'Obama gave up on Kiev, press ignored it'
By nadodi
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yesterday, we published an article by Eric Zuesse entitled "Obama gave up on Kiev, press ignored it". Zuesse's article was critical of the mainstream media's coverage of Ukraine, as well as the Obama administration's constant meddling overseas.

We received a comment from one of our readers, who uses the handle 'nadodi', and who lived in a town very close to Donetsk during the 1990s. This reader brings a perspective that most of us do not have and we felt it would be helpful to share it with the rest of our readers. This is not the first time we have shared comments from nadodi with all our readers.

So thank you to nadodi for this very thoughtful comment.

- prh, editor

I lived in Avdeevka for many years in the 1990s. I have many friends there. I can say with accuracy that the vast majority of the people in that industrial settlement are ethnic Russians and they have their primary allegiance to Russia. The "Avdeevski Kokso-Himic Zavod" is the center of the economy of this area. Ukraine will never operate this factory without the cooperation of the people there and the Rebels fighting the neo-Nazis in Kiev would definitely target this production facility because it would deny the neo-Nazis a major source of direct and indirect income.

What is happening in Avdeevka is a typical example of a peaceful and prosperous area turning into a black hole of hatred and chaos due to the sinister plots of the evil politicians in the US. The best guarantee for any nation in the world that wishes for a safe and secure future is to deny the Americans any chance to have a say in their internal affairs. The filthy vultures in the US, like the bomb-bomb McCain and the "fu*k the EU" Nuland won't leave any area on this planet to develop and sustain economic and social progress. These filthy enemies of humanity only want to keep America safe and secure by spreading chaos around the world and weakening other lands. They spread fear around the nations and offer them "security" cover. This "security" cover is also their economic mainstay. The "security" shield ensures a kind of economic monopoly for the American military and civilian companies in those nations that opted to be under this cover.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of the American people are hard working good souls who want to live in peace and prosperity. I lived with them in the early 2000s. However, the sad scenario there is that the people have no idea about what their leaders are doing abroad. Only those Americans living in the coastal cities have some interest in events abroad. Those in the interiors, especially in the south are absolutely ignorant of events in Washington DC. There, one can find filthy humans and porn stars presiding over political functions and endorsing the policies of their President. Ironically, this region is the bastion of Republicans and the Bushes.

To ensure a bright future for the world and for America itself, the United States must be rid of all those elements who benefit from the current policies of that country. The nation must be given back to the people. This is possible when a new generation of American leaders emerge from outside the "system". Till then, the world will rot from the American "security" and "economic assistance".

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