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Commentary on The Great Grief
By Dr Vivienne E. Perkins
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We received a very intriguing comment from a reader in response to an article we published May 26 called The Great Grief: How to cope with losing our world. The article was written by Per Espen Stoknes, and addresses exactly what the title suggests.

An Axis of Logic reader, Vivienne E. Perkins, added a comment to the article which was very thoughtful and which showed a breadth of knowledge about the concept of losing our world, and how we might set about trying to rectify our foolish mistakes. I contacted Dr Perkins and obtained her permission to post her comments for all to see - and they follow.

- prh
Axis of Logic

If we don't grieve for the destruction of the natural world we depend upon, what will we grieve for? If we could have some honest grief, perhaps we could escape from our denial in order to act in a positive way. This planet cannot tolerate global, industrialized capitalism. Every single individual must consider how he/she can change his/her life/behavior so as to reduce the terrible stress we are placing on our ecosystem. Some suggestions:
  1. withdraw from buying at the mall any product made in the Third World sweatshops (give up Wal-Mart)
  2. buy only small, economical vehicles and use them only when essential
    conserve water at all times; never buy bottled water. Get a steel water container and take your own water wherever you go
  3. give up all use of fertilizers and pesticid es in your yard./garden;
  4. build a compost heap for all food waste
  5. use compost to improve your soil
  6. plant a garden
  7. learn to raise chickens if you have space
  8. learn survival skills
  9. give up shopping as an entertainment
  10. withdraw from news and all forms of mass media (it's all lies).
  11. start reading books again
  12. play with your kids; talk to your kids; teach your kids to work in the garden; join the 4-H
  13. our politicians are all corrupt; write to them anyway and insist that they stop supporting the US mil/industrial complex and useless wars overseas. The US is not threatened; the US is the threat.
  14. demand and keep on demanding an end to all things nuclear.
  15. give up your fatuous notion that voting Dem or Rep. will change the overall structure; both parties serve the same corrupt system.
My principle: The evil system now in place stays in place because each one of us is supporting it.


Start caring for the earth. Get to know your neighbors; figure out how to inform them and enlist their cooperation.

Give up the notion that changing the party in power will change ANYTHING. The Bill of Rights is dead; the Constitution is now irrelevant. According to the NDAA #1021, any citizen can be picked up and put into indefinite military detention at any time without charge or trial.

Give up your pipe dream that the old America is still here. It's not. The present system has to be changed because our planet can't stand it.

That means we have to change our behavior.

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