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Guest Poets
By Sybil Bank
Submitted by Mankh
Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

after Wisława Szymborska
I prefer small dogs to ones with large teeth.
chamber music to symphonies.
Margaret Atwood  to Joyce Carol Oates.
I prefer to keep eye glasses in my purse in case I lose a contact lens.
Seasonal colors of mountains to bleached deserts.
A ragged beach to a pristine swimming pool.
I prefer to believe that chance and luck can happen at any time.
I prefer people who don't follow like sheep.
I prefer to arrive late and leave late.
To chat amiably with doctors and dentists when I'm anxious.
I prefer to anguish over writing poems, rather than to anguish over not writing them.
I prefer someone else to arrange my birthday plans as long as it is not a surprise.
I prefer men with less facial hair but I'm slowly acclimating.
I prefer tireless negotiation instead of war.
Free speech but not talking hate.
Flowers without prickly parts.
A garden where mosquitoes don't zap me which of course they do.
I prefer archery to gun practice.
Kites to drones, airplanes to air balloons.
I prefer to hope that children will never be hungry.
I prefer not to face the reality of my demise.
I prefer to wait, ponder and hope for strength.
Sybil Bank is a member of the Graphic Eye Poets Circle and of  “Three Poets,” presenting workshops in libraries. Publishing credits include Paumanok Interwoven, Long Island Sounds, Mobius, Oberon, Performance Poets, NC Poet Laureate Review, Shouts and Whispers, Toward Forgiveness and Writing Outside The Lines. Her first book,
River Over Stones, was published in 2014.