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I have my words
By Samah Sabawi
The Palestine Chronicle
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017

I stand dispossessed of everything but my words
They are words of truth
Of fire and steel
I use them deliberately
Not to incite hatred
Not to frighten
But to lighten up this darkness
That tore me into 11 million pieces
And scattered me across the earth
Words tell my story
Forced exile
Ethnic cleansing
Carefully chosen
Purposely uttered
These are the words that lay the foundation
Of the language of my liberation

Samah Sabawi is a Palestinian-Australian-Canadian poet, playwright, editor, PhD student, powerful orator, political commentator and spokesperson for Palestinian freedom. She was born in Gaza to Suhailah and Abdul Kareem Sabawi, a distinguished poet, author and non-violence revolutionary. Her family's forced wrench from Gaza is characteristic of Palestinian exiles in the diaspora and Samah's passion for justice and love for her homeland is the gravitational pull of her activism and art.

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