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By Amnesty International, Equal Justice USA, and the ACLU
Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson plans on doing something that has never been done in this country – execute eight prisoners in ten days.

The state is rushing to execute these eight men because Arkansas’ supply of a controversial execution drug, midazolam, is going to expire on April 30th.

Executions are wrong. And Arkansas’ plan is a cruel and unusual killing spree.

Arkansas wants to use an execution drug combination – with midazolam – that’s never been used before in the state and that risks making prisoners feel as if they are burning alive from the inside while paralyzed.

Midazolam has caused botched and painful executions so Florida and Arizona have stopped using it, and an Ohio judge recently ruled to halt midazolam executions.

These facts aren’t stopping Hutchinson. So we need to raise our voices together to put pressure on him.

You can sign an online petition along with thousands of other people and tell the governor:

To Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson:

Do not proceed with your assembly line of executions. Since the modern death penalty was established in 1976, no state has attempted four double executions in ten days. And the execution drug, midazolam, is so controversial for causing botched executions that Florida and Arizona have stopped using it. Halt this cruel and unusual killing spree – it violates basic decency and is not justice.

Click here to be taken to the petition and tell the governor - NO.