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Why would anybody steal this??
By Staff Writers, RT
Saturday, Jul 15, 2017

Bizarre urinal cake heist under investigation in Germany

Police in a small town in western Germany are hot on the trail of a gang of thieves who stole 500 cases of urinal cakes worth several thousand euros.

The thieves stole the haul of urinal refreshers on Wednesday night as a truck driver took a lengthy nap while delivering his precious cargo in Euskirchen, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, police said. 

The tired trucker slept through the entire heist and when he awoke on Thursday morning, he realized he was now missing six whole pallets of urinal cakes.

Just how or why the enterprising thieves made off with 500 cases of urinal cakes is anyone's guess. Regardless, the gang now has thousands of euros worth of them meaning, at the very least, their toilets will be fresh for life.

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