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Venezuela Police Arrest Opposition Leader Carrying Explosives
By Staff Writers, teleSUR
Sunday, Jul 16, 2017

Opposition supporters shout as they burn tires during a protest. | Photo: Reuters

Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Police, PNB, on Thursday arrested right-wing opposition leader Carlos Graffe, who was in possession of high-powered explosive materials.

Graffe, a member of the Popular Will party, was caught carrying a bag containing C-4, rockets, a detonating cord and nail pads attached with adhesive tape, according to police. He was arrested in Valencia, located in Carabobo state.

PNB officials have not determined Graffe’s intended use for the explosive materials, but have launched an investigation into the matter. They are expected to release more information later this week.

The Popular Will party is one of several opposition groups supporting ongoing anti-government protests in Venezuela, which have since claimed at least 94 lives.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has consistently spoken out against continued right-wing violence in the South American country, which he believes is endorsed by the United States.

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