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Face in the Water
By Cindy Medina
Submitted by mankh on behalf of the poet
Monday, Sep 4, 2017

Face in the Water
poet’s note:

A very recent interest in Buddhist art and architecture led me from China & Japan to Southeast Asia of which I find that of Laos and Myanmar the most beautiful/compelling. On August 28 a fellow on Twitter directed my attention to ethnic conflict in Myanmar (I'd previously seen rare headlines). Included were photos of murdered children; purportedly Rohingya (Muslim minority) killed by rogue Buddhists. I have no proof in any regard of victim ethnicity or location; however, those photos were real, including a young (aged 7?) girl's face above a water line, which prompted this poem. Though I'm not religious, I'm a humanist who is attracted to Buddhism. The possibility of rogue Buddhists killing children touched a deeper nerve.

Young one, serene and pretty,
violently thrust into Death's arms,
smooth babyish features grossly
framed by murky waters, sun-
kissed flesh seems dissolving
into fetid pond. Sweet, innocent
visage - so like a Buddha's! 

If only your killers had noticed.
Cindy Medina is a 52-year-old in medical/clerical field, married 24 years, residing in Desert SW, who's enjoyed a bit of success with poetry having been published by and She is also a prose writer, working very hard at becoming a published novelist. Other interests are astronomy, weather watching, and carbohydrates.