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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Chronology of systematic attacks against Venezuela from abroad
By Arturo Rosales | Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017

The following video of the program “La Holilla” (The Razor Blade), presented by Mario Silva on 30 September, is of vital interest for readers wishing to understand more about what is happening in Venezuela and the systematic attacks directed at the country for months on end.

No country on Earth, not even North Korea, is being so maligned as Venezuela, internationally speaking. We are suffering 4th Generation Psychological Warfare, attacks from all sides plus the economic war being waged against the country and the population. The flames are being fanned by the media war against the country that has been running since 1999.

Everything possible has been thrown at the country since President Chavez was infirm from 2012 onwards – from induced inflation to violent street protests - yet the country is still standing and determined to resist this constant aggression by being prepared for more aggression on any level and by voting to protect the participatory democracy that has successfully organized and will have carried out 23 electoral processes in 18 years on 15 October.
Dictatorships do not hold elections and if this were a dictatorship, how can one explain that the traitors who travel abroad asking for sanctions and invasions against the country are not rotting in jail after summary trials?

The video is in Spanish but readers can activate subtitles and automatic translation into English which is of a good standard.

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