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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
PBS interviews Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela
By Les Blough, Axis of Logic's editor in Venezuela, video by PBS
Thursday, Oct 5, 2017

Introduction: I listened to PBS for decades when living in the US and always saw them as more dangerous than the media/political hacks on commercial TV because of their skillful appeal to the educated liberal class and support from those who rise to power. In that regard their interview with President Maduro is particularly  interesting for two reasons:

The first are the ways in which PBS framed the questions for Ryan Chilcote, the interviewer. The "Public Broadcasting Service" asks President Maduro rhetorical questions that contain their own answers and those answers are in lock-step with the private corporate media attacks across the US and Europe.

The second matter of interest includes both, the interpretation of Maduro's words in the video and the quality of the written transcript. The verbal interpretation in the video  follow his answers fairly well while the transcript is poorly translated, serving as cut & paste fodder for dissemination of excerpts in print and electronic media portraying Maduro as an uneducated man, an incompetent leader, unworthy of his office.

Finally, at the end of the video PBS  helps viewers understand Venezuela's current problems in a nutshell with the words,
"Maduro never finished high school. Before he was president he was a bus driver and a bodyguard for a 1983 presidential hopeful." 
So that's the length and breadth of Nicolás Maduro's experience and education, a high school dropout, bus driver and bodyguard?

The people of Venezuela elected Nicolás Maduro in 2013 as their president following the death of former president, Hugo Chávez. He won the election with over 50 percent of the vote. What fools they must have been!

President Maduro's Credentials. You be the judge.
Nicolás Maduro grew up in a working class neighborhood of the El Valle sector of Caracas. Following high school, 1986, at 24 years of age he lived and continued his education in Cuba. In the early 1990s he campaigned for Hugo Chávez' release from prison along with Celia Flores, a constitutional lawyer who later married him. In the late 1990s Maduro was instrumental in founding the Movement of the Fifth Republic which followed the 4th Republic, run by a wealthy oligarchy firmly committed to serve the interests of the US government and profits of transnational corporations.

While working as a bus driver in his early years during the 4th Republic he was an organizer for trade unions, his father having been a union leader before him. He was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1997, to the National Constituent Assembly in 1999, and to Congress, the National Assembly, in 2000. In 2005 and 2006 he was elected as President of the National Assembly. He served as Venezuela's Foreign Minister from 2006 until 2012, the year Chávez appointed him Vice President of the Republic. Perhaps Maduro's most important credentials are his honesty, love for the people, his fighting spirit and his skillful, valiant defense of Venezuelan independence and sovereignty against the ongoing political, economic and media war to recolonize Venezuela in service to the US led empire.

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