Axis of Logic
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Destroy This Assembly Line
By Samiha Ahmed
Submitted by mankh on behalf of the poet
Monday, Oct 16, 2017

We are not products in your assembly line.
We will not walk through life
as if we were created to have parts added to us for your pleasure,
as if screws are bolted into our heads so tight
that we aren’t able to speak what is on our minds
because we don’t know how to open them
as if our hands were programmed in such a way
that they are only made to do what you command us
to do with them,
as if our legs were sculpted so that you can
get a good show as you watch us mop the floors that
are flooded with the tears that you made us drop
by calling us “dramatic,” “prudes,” or “easy,”
as if you can take out our batteries whenever you feel like
turning us off or shutting us up or you
can put them back whenever you need things to manipulate.
“Go make me a cup of coffee!” You command us.
“Nice legs!” You “compliment” us.
“Shut up! No one cares what you think!” You yell at us.
We will not just let you mold us into what you want
to sell or see or eat.
We will not let you stitch or interchange the “parts”
of our bodies just because you got “bored”
of us.
We are not products in your assembly line.
We understand that you aren’t either
so why can’t you do the same for us?
Destroy this assembly line!

Samiha Ahmed is a Stony Brook University freshman from New York City. She loves to write poetry and short stories. She also enjoys spoken word and has performed at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.