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By Cindy Bartek-Medina
Submitted by Poet
Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017

A lavish spray of floral fireworks
doth obscure thy pallid hands

Chaste veil of fine lace beset by
sparkling gems adorns thy head

Regally clad in milky satin gaily
o'er-run by pearls and velvet bows

June's bride doth no more bask in
sunshine nor play upon the green

Attended by low-lit candles, not maids
melancholy strains, not jaunty organ notes

Somberly swung incense is now thy only
perfume, mingling with sad tears

Thy peaceful face like unto an angel's,
framed by satin and cherrywood.

poet’s note:

What prompted this poem: The many troubles USA is recently and currently embroiled in. It's my perception that certain elements which make up a healthy society are dying, and some are dead. Our Statue of Liberty is of course a gowned a bride. Also, bride (hope, future, optimism) versus death is naturally a stark (and primal?) contrast. This poem also enabled me to express a love of classical beauty while being mindful that "real life isn't so pretty."

A very recent interest in Buddhist art and architecture led me from China and Japan to Southeast Asia, of which I find that of Laos and Myanmar the most beautiful/compelling. On August 28, a fellow on Twitter directed my attention to ethnic conflict in Myanmar (I'd previously seen rare headlines). Included were photos of murdered children, purportedly Rohingya (Muslim minority) killed by rogue Buddhists. I have no proof in any regard of victim ethnicity or location; however, those photos were real, including a young (aged 7?) girl's face above a water line, which prompted this poem. Though I'm not religious, I'm a humanist who is attracted to Buddhism. The possibility of rogue Buddhists killing children touched a deeper nerve.

            - Cindy Bartek-Medina

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