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Uranium Poison Gas Dispersal Plants Slated for Widespread Expansion ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Cathy Garger
Axis of Logic exclusive
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The federal government is entering into what is quite literally dangerous territory with its plans to fully support yet another uranium enrichment plant certain to harm the good people of Idaho - and countless others throughout the nation. And if that�s not bad enough, plans for two other nuclear facilities that emit these toxic, radioactive gasses into the environment are in the works for Ohio and New Mexico as well.

All this, however, is nothing new. As the resources below sadly demonstrate, uranium facilities owned and operated by those in the federal laboratories� arm of the nuclear energy �biz� have already done a good job of contaminating the states of Idaho, (1) Ohio, (2) and New Mexico (3).  Now, with the private corporate ventures of new Uranium enrichment facilities on the drawing board in these same three states, it is quite clear that nuclear contamination of America is the federal stock holders� most lucrative, tried �n� true, �hot� commodity. (4)

If you have no idea why anyone might object to the construction of Uranium enrichment plants that promise to bring a few hundred jobs into each state, you are hereby encouraged to do a simple Internet search as follows, including the quotation marks just as you see them.

"Uranium enrichment plant" +contamination

This search will give you over 11,000 �hits� that explain exactly why we must never allow the construction of even one more of these Uranium enrichment facilities, not ever again.

Senator Larry Craig, R ( Idaho) has gone on record with the premier federal media mouth piece, FOX News, promoting the lie that uranium enrichment processing is a "clean energy technology." (5)  The truth of the matter, however, is that energy originating from uranium is the *dirtiest* form of energy that can possibly be produced.

Apologies to those still clinging on for dear life to the hopelessly corrupt Blue Party�s Al Gore and his most "Inconvenient Truth�. What those in the anti-nuke community know - that most well-meaning progressives do not - is that the huge push against carbon emissions (read that as �coal�) was little more than a clever � yet absolutely sinister � propaganda blitz designed to ensure the financially lucrative resurgence of the nuclear industry.

The entire campaign for zero carbon emissions is nothing more than an ingenious plan to mislead people into believing that coal is the worst form of energy while, in fact, radioactive uranium energy (aka �nuclear power�) is, far and away, much more dangerous for all forms of life � for all eternity.

Furthermore, adding insult to injury, the French nuclear firm AREVA holds an undeniable international reputation for being the most slick, compromised company of all such nuclear corporations. Again, you can learn more � to the tune of over 59,000 �hits� - about the antics of this firm plagued by problems and scandalous operations simply by doing a Google search for:

AREVA + contamination.

Lest we think this does not concern us � after all, Idaho (or Ohio or New Mexico) are located nowhere near most of us � we must remember that winds can carry invisible, ultra-light, microscopic-sized radionuclides thousands of miles through the air. So when you operate a uranium enrichment plant or a nuclear power plant in one state, this stuff doesn�t stop at the state line. And as it spreads, this stuff is inhaled and bombards the internal organs causing cell destruction, death, and cancer � as well as a host of other radiation-induced diseases. (6)

Yet the push for the revival or �nuclear renaissance� of All-Things-Uranium right now  - thanks, in large part, to our Vice Demander-In-Chief, who so thoughtfully paved the way for this filthy form of energy upon his arrival into authoritarian power -  is so pervasive that it is going to take the overwhelmingly loud, outraged voices of the American people to stop this amoral uranium push and restore sanity in this horribly compromised, hijacked, �Profit Before People� federal government.

I normally write about uranium weapons, so some might be wondering why I am straying off the topic here? Well, the point is, this is not off topic in the slightest. Actually, the more we really think about it, if our federal government is actually pushing sources of energy that radioactively contaminate our air, our water, our soils (and thus, our family�s food supplies) for roughly 45 billion years, then I must speak up and out. I must speak to everyone who will listen and ask exactly how this uranium poison gas � dispersed via federally-sanctioned uranium enrichment plants � is any different from the use of Depleted Uranium weapons that disperse these same deadly toxic and radioactive contaminants into the air, soil, and water.

If you are putting into the atmosphere and environment a dangerous radioactive contaminant scientifically proven to weaken, sicken, and kill millions of people over billions of years (which is close enough to eternity for most of us), then is that not tantamount to use of radiological weapons of indiscriminate effects, as prohibited by the UN Sub-Commission of Human Rights?

If a government emits into the air and water of its own people the same uranium radionuclides outlawed by the United Nations, (7) is it not reasonable to consider the proliferation of uranium enrichment plants as a type of weapon, used with full knowledge that radioactive gasses damage and destroy the basic building blocks of all forms of life?

It is high time we asked ourselves if the dispersal method of these uranium poison gases have to be exploded out of an Abrams tank or fired out of an A-10 Warthog�s Gatling gun to be considered a lethal weapon. Can this same radioactive poison not also come from a Uranium enrichment plant or a nuclear power plant - both of which emit these same lethal radionuclides into our environment?

As I discovered after interviewing UN Human Rights Attorney, Karen Parker, J.D., deliberate placing of toxic, radioactive materials into the American environment with a known destructive and damaging effect upon human health is, in actuality, a violation of basic human rights of Americans, granted to us under International Law. (8)

Uranium enrichment plants and nuclear power plants have historically created toxic and radioactive contamination � and unfathomably huge numbers of illnesses and deaths throughout the US - since the uranium industrial-military �biz� started back in the early 1940s. Is it not high time that we all started screaming at Congress � at the very top of our lungs � to stop gassing our own people by dispersing uranium aerosols into our environment? For all eternity?

If you are not familiar with the effects of radiation upon the human body, I urge you to do some reading at the following websites. Only an informed, and appropriately outraged outpouring of US citizens� demanding that our federal government stop the radioactive poisoning of America is going to stop those in control from employing this nuclear arsenal upon us, our families, and our descendents for, quite literally, an eternity.


With thanks to Sister Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Leuren Moret, Dr. Ernest Sternglass, Dr. Chris Busby, the scientists at the Uranium Medical Research Centre, and Bob Nichols for being among the first to articulate and bring forth into public awareness the connection between uranium poison gas being considered a weapon that harms human life � whether dispersed from a uranium enrichment facility, a nuclear power plant, a nuclear bomb, or an actual radioactive weapon used everyday in several nations � including inside the US - by our own military and national nuclear laboratories.



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        The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

        Radiation and Public Health Project

        Keep up to date at the best anti-radiation blog site around, visit here.

        To learn more about the radioactive poisoning of America, do a Google video search for the series: �global nuclear cover up� [include the quotation marks].

        Also, watch the films of Sister Dr. Rosalie Bertell here.


Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, antiwar activist, and a certified personal coach. An Associate Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and member of Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Cathy has a B.S. in Psychology and can most often be found educating people about the synthetic "War On Terror" and the real reasons her government engages in wars. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation�s capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy can be contacted at

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