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Arturo Rosales
Arturo Rosales is a seasoned journalist who has worked in several Latin American countries. Since 1999 he has been writing on a volunatary basis to disseminate the truth about environmental and energy issues which are often obfuscated in the corporate media. With the advent of the Bolivarian revolution he turned his hand to more politically angled writing, especially when analyzing the effects and strategy of the Global Corporate Empire on the third world and Latin America in particular. Currently, Arturo is a staff writer for Axis of Logic."

  • Arturo Rosales writes from Caracas , Axis of Logic

    At the time this writing begins, there are still two hours to go before voting in the internal elections to nominate parliamentary candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) comes to an end at 6pm. The PSUV is using 3966 voting stations up and down the country, which... » read this article
  • Arturo Rosales writing from Caracas , Axis of Logic

    Government Counter Offensive well underway Tuesday February 2nd was a fitting day to take enemy territory and prisoners in the ongoing media and economic war being waged against Venezuela, its government and people. This date, 16 years ago was when President Chávez was first sworn in as President in 1999... » read this article
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