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  • Julian Assange interviews Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador. Axis of Logic. , The Julian Assange Show. Axis of Logic

    This interview took place on May 22, 2012. It offers a window into the mind of one of South America's most articulate, intelligent and powerful leaders, President Rafael Correa, who has turned the old US-backed oligarchy in Ecuador on its head. As an introduction to the interview, we cover President... » read this article
  • Mark Weisbrot. The Guardian , The Guardian

    The United States would paint itself as a promoter of human rights, but any right to make that claim is long gone Ecuador has now made its decision: to grant political asylum to Julian Assange. This comes in the wake of an incident that should dispel remaining doubts about the... » read this article
  • Breaking News. Russia Today , RT News

    Ecuador Foreign Minister responds to British Government threat to invade their embassy in London: "I will hit you hard, but if you behave I might not." Ecuador has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The decision comes almost two months after the world-famous whistleblower came to the country’s embassy... » read this article
  • News Bulletin. Axis of Logic commentary , BBC. Axis of Logic

    Editor's Comment: The UK is threatening once again to violate international law in the most egregious and unprecedented manner. They've done it throughout history, most recently in their bombing of Libya. This time their threat is without precedent: to invade Ecuadoran Embassy in London, sovereign territory of the country of Ecuador. If they... » read this article
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