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Book and Movie Reviews
  • Scott Noble (Film Documentary); Ron Jacobs (Review) , Open Film (video). Counterpunch (review)

    Editor's Note: We are pleased to republish Scott Noble's 3 Part Film Documentary, "The Power Principle," on Axis of Logic. Part I, "American Empire. The Feature Film" is presented below. The Power Principle, Part II: "Propaganda," has also been published on Axis of Logic and we plan to follow this with The Power Principle, Part III:... » read this article
  • David Walsh , World Socialist Web Site

    A reader, HS, has written to us complaining that the review of Anonymous, the film by director Roland Emmerich and screenwriter John Orloff, was an “emotional rant” that did nothing more than “parrot the shop-worn clichés of the multibillion dollar Shakespeare establishment.” [See letter below.] In regard to the last... » read this article
  • David Walsh , World Socialist Web SIte

    Editor's Commentary: As a self-confessed Shakespeare snob, I have long ago given up hope for the sanity of those who would question his authorship of the plays and poetry attributed to him. The protagonist of this film, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, is an inane 'alternative' as the writer... » read this article
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