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  • toni solo. Tortilla con Sal , Tortilla con Sal

    Editor's Comment: This extraordinary, in-depth and comprehensive report by Tortilla con Sal illuminates Nicaragua's interesting relationship with the IMF and Federal Reserve along with other western financial institutions. It describes very clearly Nicaragua's relationship with Venezuela as a member of ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas) and eviscerates the false... » read this article
  • toni solo. Tortilla con Sal , Tortilla con Sal

    July 19th 2012 This year, participation of Nicaraguans celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in Managua was even greater than in 2011. Only die-hard enemies of Daniel Ortega's government doubt the overwhelming popular support enjoyed now by the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional. The event today confirmed what... » read this article
  • John Riddell interviews Felipe Stuart Cournoyer , Axis of Logic Exclusive

    John Riddell interviews Felipe Stuart Cournoyer In a fit of petulant anger, the U.S. government has lashed out on January 25 against the outcome of Nicaragua’s recent presidential election. To understand the context of the U.S. threats, I talked to Felipe Stuart Cournoyer, a Nicaraguan citizen and member of Sandinista... » read this article
  • toni solo, editor. Tortilla con Sal , Tortilla Con Sal

    In Nicaragua the support of the country's youth for the Frente Sandinista has played a decisive role in the country's development under the government of President Daniel Ortega. In this video, young people at grass roots talk about why they identify with the Frente Sandinista. En Nicaragua el apoyo de... » read this article
  • toni solo , Tortilla con Sal

    On Sunday November 6th, over 3 million eligible voters will go to the polls to vote in Nicaragua's presidential and legislative elections. They will be voting on three ballots for the Presidency, for Deputies to the National Assembly and for Deputies to the Central American Parliament. Five electoral alliances are... » read this article
  • Dr. Paul Oquist Kelly interviewed by toni solo, editor, Tortilla con Sal , Tortilla con Sal

    Nicaragua - A revolution towards prosperity and social justice Interview with Dr. Paul Oquist Kelly, Minister Private Secretary to the President for National Policy Tortilla con Sal, September 13th 2011 Tortilla con Sal: Nicaragua's 2007 development plan worked out by the government had various aims, principally promoting economic growth, promoting... » read this article
  • Tortilla con Sal video production , Tortilla con Sal

    This video explores how ALBA has helped Nicaragua's Sandinista government balance the imperative of promoting trade and employment with the need to protect and help the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The solid economic and social coherence of the Bolivarian Alliance of the peoples of the Americas can be... » read this article
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