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  • Danny Schechter ,

    New York New York: The term "October Surprise" is one that always triggers speculation in political circles. It refers to some covert initiative that a candidate takes in the month before the election to try to win it. Even as President Obama seems to lead in the polls, and the... » read this article
  • Ghali Hassan, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic exclusive

    Canada has recently suspended its diplomatic ties with Iran, accusing Iran of being a “significant threat to global peace and security in the world today”. The move is attributed to U.S.-Israel pressure to create a coalition front and provide a façade of “international” legitimacy to justify aggression against Iran. Let’s... » read this article
  • Stephen Lendman, Global Research ,

    On September 7, Foreign Minister John Baird said Canada closed its Tehran embassy. It expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa. They have five days to leave. He claimed a nonexistent Iranian threat. He took a page from AIPAC’s playbook. He bogusly called Tehran the gravest threat to global security.He accused Iran... » read this article
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