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Korea is a country formerly unified but now divided into two states. Located on the Korean Peninsula, it borders China to the northwest, Russia to the northeast, and is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait

  • Gwynne Dyer , Otago Daily Times

    Western intelligence agencies have been warning for years about the terrible consequences that would ensue if Iran were to get nuclear weapons. Better bomb the place before they do. But North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and now they are falling into the hands of a young man whose main... » read this article
  • Peter Symonds , World Socialist Web Site

    The death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, formally announced yesterday, has produced a mind-numbing deluge of articles in the international press presenting the regime in Pyongyang as irrational and crazed—a dangerous threat to stability in North East Asia, requiring the US and its allies to put their militaries on... » read this article
  • Lee Hyo-sik & Noam Chomsky , The 4th Media

    The resistance is a grassroots movement that goes well beyond the issue of the island’s militarization. Human rights, the environment and free speech are also at stake. Jeju Island, 50 miles southeast of South Korea’s mainland, has been called the most idyllic place on the planet. The pristine, 706-square-mile volcanic... » read this article
  • AP , The Independent

    North Korea warned today that US-South Korean co-operation could bring nuclear war to the region. The warning came as the South began artillery drills amid lingering tension nearly three weeks after the North's deadly shelling of a South Korean island. The South's naval live-fire drills are due to run until... » read this article
  • Staff reporters , BBC Asia

    Tensions have risen since the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong was shelled by the North last month China has hit back at US comments criticising Beijing for not reining in its North Korean ally, saying military threats cannot resolve tensions on the Korean peninsula. Earlier, US top general Adm Mike... » read this article
  • James Laxer ,

    History shows how wars can start between countries whose leaders don't want war It is generally assumed that when a great war breaks out, at least one of the parties to the conflict wanted it. That assumption can be wildly wrong. None of the regimes at the helm of the... » read this article
  • Bill Van Auken , WSWS

    24 November 2010 An exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea on Tuesday provoked angry denunciations from Washington and warnings from Beijing and Moscow that mounting military tensions could provoke a disaster. Each side blamed the other in the confrontation, which erupted near the Northern Limit Line, the... » read this article
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