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Paul Harris
Paul Richard Harris is an Axis of Logic editor whose analyses of international affairs have been widely read around the world. He is a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, specializing in workplace injury matters. Paul is also a freelance writer/editor. He has traveled extensively in what is usually known as the 'Third World' and has an abiding interest in history, social justice, morality and, well, just about everything. He has a particular interest in African issues and has written extensively on central African current affairs. His work can also be found at, where he is a member of the Advisory Board on Canadian Sovereignty. Paul lives in rural Canada surrounded by corn, turnips, and unwise land management.
Paul Harris

  • Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic exclusive

    Take a billionaire to lunch. If he doesn’t choke to death on the Baikal caviar or fois gras, strangle him yourself. That might seem a touch harsh, but there is nothing specially useful about billionaires. In fact, they are downright harmful to society and to your health. You’ll be doing... » read this article
  • Paul Richard Harris & Les Blough (Axis of Logic). Irene Caselli (The Guardian) , Axis of Logic. The Guardian.

    Axis of Logic Analysis: Yesterday, we reprinted an article from Common Dreams that they had sourced from The Guardian, in England. Common Dreams cautioned that the report was as yet unconfirmed. Since then, The Guardian's website is carrying the article republished below. In their article, they make two conflicting statements, one saying Ecuador... » read this article
  • Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee , The Tyee

    Editorial commentary: The title I've given this piece is a line from a song by American singer Phil Ochs [The War is Over]. Although I have never been enamoured with any of the national governments mes compatriotes have elected over the years, it's hard to think of one more thoroughly... » read this article
  • Keith Jones, WSWS , World Socialist Web Site

    Editorial Commentary: All across Canada, journalists and politicians and the élite are talking about these whiny Québec students and their stupid idea that education should be: a) available; and b) affordable. The critics point out that Québec has the lowest costs for post-high school education of any Canadian jurisdiction. Absolutely... » read this article
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