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  • Cascadia Forest Defenders ,

    Scores of activists with Cascadia Forest Defenders and Earth First! converged on the Seneca Jones biomass plant this morning to protest the company’s privatization of public lands in the Elliott State Forest and ongoing pollution in West Eugene. Currently several people have locked themselves to equipment at the plant, effectively... » read this article
  • Peter Singer and Jim Mason , Rodale News

    Americans eat a phenomenal amount of chicken, more than any other meat. Those of us over 50 can still remember when chicken was a treat for special occasions because it was more expensive than beef. Today chicken is the cheapest meat, and its consumption has doubled since 1970. Advocates of factory farming boast... » read this article
  • Missouri University Division of Plant Sciences ,

    Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) have discovered that plants not only hear the chewing sounds of destructive insects, but that they put up additional defenses upon hearing that particular noise. “Previous research has investigated how plants respond to acoustic energy, including music,” said senior research scientist Heidi Appel.... » read this article
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