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  • John Pilger. Produced and directed by Alan Lowery. , John Pilger Productions

    We present the two John Pilger films,  "The Secret Country - The First Australians Fight Back," produced in 1985 and this one, "Welcome to Australia" in 1999 to form a trilogy with "UTOPIA - A film by John Pilger with his article on the Aboriginal People of Australia", released in... » read this article
  • Bob Randall, Yankunytjatjara Elder , Globaloneness

    First published on Axis of Logic December 4, 2009 Bob Randall is an Yankunytjatjara Elder and a traditional owner of Uluru (Ayers Rock). In the early 70's Bob's song, "Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away)" became an anthem for the Aboriginal people. He is the author of two books:... » read this article
  • Ghali Hassan, Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic exclusive

    “Unfounded fear, hatred or hostility directed towards Muslims and Islam. It affects all aspect of Muslim life.” (Runnymede Trust, UK, 1997).   A protest by a few hundred people in Sydney’s CBD over an anti-Muslim racist film, “Innocence of Muslims” turned into an ugly scene. It is a protest against... » read this article
  • Tom Tesoro , Axis of Logic Exclusive

    When I, a citizen of Australia, analyse capitalism's weaknesses, it is easy and obvious to single out the distribution of wealth in an economy (from majority to the elite). This is common disgraceful knowledge. I for one. especially in my country, am depressed by the immoral and destructive effects of... » read this article
  • Ghali Hassan. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Every day Australian media outlets, led by the five major TV channels and the Murdoch press, propagate images of Australian soldiers as heroes treating injured Afghan children and doing construction work in Iraq. The notion that Australia is a “humanitarian” nation could not be further from the truth. Behind this... » read this article
  • Richard Phillips. WSWS , WSWS

    22 June 2012 Australian and US governments “playing word games”  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke out today from the Ecuadorian embassy in London about the escalating assault on his democratic rights and why he had been compelled to seek political asylum in Ecuador. Interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio... » read this article
  • Ghali Hassan. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    While most Australians rightly believe that Australia is a multicultural nation, in reality multiculturalism is encouraging divisions, discrimination and racism. Australia needs an inclusive multicultural policy to dismantle “white” dominance and unite Australians. Since the early 1970s, Australia has embraced multiculturalism and prides itself of being a multicultural nation. After... » read this article
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