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  • Stephen Evans , BBC News

    To people outside Germany, a furore about a mere poem might be hard to understand. In Britain or the United States, poets opine and some of the people may listen - and then usually they move on. The chattering class might chatter a little louder, but the great sweep of... » read this article
  • Elizabeth Zimmermann , WSWS

    2 April 2012 On May 19, 2011, 39-year-old Christy Schwundeck was shot and killed by a female police officer in an employment centre in the Gallus city quarter of Frankfurt am Main. Christy Schwundeck came from Nigeria. She was the wife of Peter Schwundeck and mother of a 12-year-old daughter... » read this article
  • Kristen Allen , Der Spiegel

    Canada is under fire for exiting the Kyoto Protocol just one day after UN climate talks ended with an agreement to extend the treaty. Putting financial interests ahead of environmental commitments is an affront to global climate protection efforts, German papers write on Wednesday.   While it may not have... » read this article
  • Kiyul Chung , The 4th Media

    A German Submarine Defends Palestine On October 31, 2011, Palestine was accepted as full member by UNESCO, which became the first UN agency to recognize it as an independent country. Several other agencies are expected to take a similar decision in following month. The US entered UN Alley, by opposing... » read this article
  • Victor Grossman , Monthly Review

    "Ten murders traced to neo-Nazi terrorists!"  More and more ugly facts splashed through the German media, with echoes around the world. Politicians from the "respectable" parties expressed shock and surprise. In 2007 a German policewoman had been shot to death and her colleague badly wounded. The murder weapon was now... » read this article
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