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W. Vic Ratsma
W. Vic Ratsma was a lifelong political activist from Nova Scotia, CA who wrote poetry and essays as a columnist for Axis of Logic until his death in Nova Scotia on November 17, 2004.  See our tribute to him published on the day of his death and our "Celebration of Life" in his memory, published on December 3, 2004.

  • W. Vic Ratsma , Axis of Logic

    Voices from The Dead Quietly we lie, scattered across the land separated from our comrades in battle, returned home in a pre-paid coffin draped by an American flag, and put to rest in a hometown plot. We are the dead. They told us that we would be heroes fighting for... » read this article
  • W. Vic Ratsma , Axis of Logic

    Poetry Voices From The Dead Oct 1, 2004 Africa Eyeing Africa Sep 28, 2004 Critical Analysis Here He Comes Again....Colin Powell and the WMD Sep 20, 2004, 13:24 United States UNTRUSTWORTHY PARTNER Sep 16, 2004, 13:23 World In the Strategic Interest of the United States Sep 13, 2004, 15:19 Critical... » read this article
  • W. Vic Ratsma , Axis of Logic

    Ill Winds Stormclouds gather, dark shadows threaten the earth and hearts of Man below With unknown force they are attacking our lives, our world in peril so. The heavens break loose in furious lightning Destroying Man's creations in a feast Of violence, death, destruction, Never seen by Man or beast.... » read this article
  • W. Vic Ratsma, Contributing Writer ,

    American Soldier. Hey soldier, American soldier, Why are you in the Army or the Navy or the Airforce? Is it to make a career? Your patriotic duty? Or just a job to make some money? You believe in the greatness of your Country and its leaders, you say? Willing to... » read this article
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