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  • Ghali Hassan, Axis of Logic Columnist , Axis of Logic

    Great comment by Les Blough.     There is overwhelming evidence that what took place in Houla were crimes committed by anti-Syrians terrorists. Further, the terrorist are armed by Washington and its vassal for the sole purpose of perpetuating violence to justify Western military intervention. The massacre in Houla massacre... » read this article
  • Tommy , Axis of Logic

    Tommy comments on A World Without Capitalists Is Necessary : "Wonderful article! congratulations for bringing hope by your connectedness of spirit, when none exists, to those of us who understand what is actually occuring around us. I am an unemployed mature Australian, forced to beg for my survival amongst a greed... » read this article
  • SYRIAN , Axis of Logic

    SYRIAN responds to “Friends of Syria”: Not Friends of the Syrian People, a featured article on Axis of Logic by Ghali Hassan, Columnist.. SYRIAN: I would to thank you mr. obama and mr. sarkuzy and also mm. clinton for the huge gift for the syrians, morning of 9 mai tens of... » read this article
  • Lori High Priestess (comment); The Dream (video) , Dream Pictures

    Editor's Note: "Lori High Priestess" suggested this video created by "The Dream" in her Reader's Comment to an article we published, "Lies Killed The Colonel." Both, LHP and The Dream are both long-time correspondents with Axis of Logic and we thank them both. Lori wrote the following comment: "I am posting... » read this article
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