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Poetry of Mankh
Mankh (Walter E. Harris III), a poet and essayist, is the author of Singing an Epic of Peace; author/edited Haiku One Breaths. Mankh also edited an anthology of essays and poems entitled MODERN MUSES: How Artists Become Inspired. You can contact Mankh here:

  • Mankh, (Walter E. Harris III) , Axis of Logic

    “Are there not still fireflies Are there not still stars at night...” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti In his book Blessed Unrest (2007), Paul Hawken states, “... I now believe there are over one—and maybe even two—million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice.” A mind-boggling and uplifting statement, though sometimes... » read this article
  • Mankh. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    [Reposted in memorium of the fifth anniversary of the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima - originally posted March 27, 2011] "The Japanese word Kamikaze is usually translated as "divine wind" (kami is the word for "god", "spirit", or "divinity", and kaze for "wind"). The word kamikaze originated as the name of... » read this article
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