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  • Les Blough in Venezuela. Axis of Logic , Axis of Logic

    Last night in the state of Carabobo, 2 refinery tanks caught fire at the El Palito refinery in the northern coastal city of Puerto Cabello. Energy Minister, Rafael Ramirez immediately reported that the 2 naptha tanks were "were struck by lightening," during a storm. This morning Ramirez said they put one... » read this article
  • John Perkins , YES! Magazine

    In the Amazonian backcountry, tribes are challenging construction of the world's third-largest dam—by dismantling it. Here's what they can teach us about standing up to power. Last month, hundreds of indigenous demonstrators began dismantling a dam in the heart of Brazil’s rainforest to protest the destruction it will bring to... » read this article
  • MINCI, CITGO , Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC

    HOUSTON – July 10, 2012 – CITGO Petroleum Corporation has launched the third edition of its CITGO-Venezuela Energy Efficient Lighting Program. This social responsibility program will provide 500,000 energy efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to qualifying households across 17 U.S. cities. It is expected that this year, the CITGO-Venezuela... » read this article
  • John Cooper , The Energy Collective

    Editor's Note: When Venezuela has a power outage it's published all over the western media as a failure of socialism. The blackouts that occurred over a year ago no longer take place. Part of the solution was the arrest of several opposition members at the time for sabotaging the national grid.... » read this article
  • Mark Weisbrot , The Guardian

    In taking back oil and gas company YPF, Argentina's state is reversing past mistakes. Europe is in no position to be outraged. The Argentinian government's decision to renationalise the oil and gas company YPF has been greeted with howls of outrage, threats, forecasts of rage and ruin, and a rude... » read this article
  • Andre Damon , WSWS

    21 April 2012 Two years ago yesterday, an explosion at the BP-run Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 workers and unleashed an oil spill that resulted in the worst environmental catastrophe in US history. Before it was finally capped nearly three months later, the erupting... » read this article
  • Almudena Calatrava (AP). Teresa BO (Al Jazeera) , Associated Press (article). Al Jazeera (video)

    Editor's Comment: Bravo! We have nothing but praise for President Cristina Ferdandez for her courage and leadership demonstrated once again in her move to nationalize Argentine's natural resources. From Argentina's nationalization of the country's airlines and pension funds to it's recent stand to regain the Islas Malvinas from Britain, Cristina... » read this article
  • Mark Weisbrot , The Guardian (UK)

    Environmentalists who support developing countries' fight against polluters should also back their struggle for control of oil Pablo Fajardo, the lead Ecuadorian lawyer in indigenous peoples' case over pollution against oil company Chevron. Photograph: Jose Jacome/EPA Environmentalists seem to realize that they have some stake in a fight such as... » read this article
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