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Will French Nuclear Disasters (Sadly) Translate to US Good Fortune? ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Cathy Garger
Axis of Logic exclusive
Saturday, Aug 2, 2008

Unless you're living in a cave - or, depend on the lame-stream American media for your news (which actually is like living in a cave)  then you're already aware that French nuclear industry leader, AREVA, is in some pretty deep kimchee - stemming from more than a few rather uh, inconvenient nuclear disasters in Europe.


You might be surprised to hear France's nuclear tragedies of late involve me and you and all those near and dear to us right here in the United States.  Make no mistake about it: the international nuclear giant, AREVA, has its vice grips already firmly implanted into its next potential victims... namely, our own folks here in suburban Maryland (including Washington, DC, and northern Virginia, too), Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Texas.


Now, mind you � that�s just what one mega-nuking company - AREVA - has got up its sleeves for America.  Because as things stand today, there are no less than thirty-four (34) nuke reactors on the NRC (short for "Nuking-Regularly Cooperation") list, slated to be built in the land of the free, the home of the brave and- quite unbeknownst to most- the absolute  most nuked-out country on this entire bloomin' (or, shall we say wilting?) planet.  


How horrid to comprehend that still yet-unknown numbers of Europeans will become weak, sickly, and succumb to slow and often painful deaths far earlier than their customary "time." How unfortunate that the Nuclear Renaissance underway in the US may quite possibly be squashed due to all the hoopla in the media stemming from great European outrage � as a direct result - and at the great cost - of precious human lives.


Absolutement, the greatest tragedy of all are the contaminated French, exposed to radionuclides in their air and water. Sadly, these folks never realized they were signing up to be human �sacrifices� merely by virtue of residing in the Christian (primarily Catholic) European nation devoutly dedicated � in quite god-less fashion, I might add - to the economically lucrative- yet-lethal commodity, Uranium. (�Bless me Father, for I have sinned� but do I really have to take my penance in the form of Millirem? I mean, couldn�t I just say a few Hail Marys instead�)?


The contents of this article must now be used as part of a public education campaign anywhere and everywhere nuclear facilities exist� and wherever hot �n� heavy fascist fantasies are a filthy notion in federal nuking agencies� �dirtiest� � and most toxic dreams. It's not just about AREVA, after all. These kinds of nuclear �accidents� can (and do) go wrong with any nuke company� anywhere.  To gauge the seriousness of this problem, try Googling �nuclear accident,� and you�ll get about nearly one-half million �hits.�


When asked what is France�s greatest gift to America? Most people will undoubtedly answer: the Statue of Liberty. Yet in reality, the actual greatest �gift� ever received by the United States from France has been the damning publicity surrounding last month�s tragic �sacrificing� of the lives of countless men, women, and children, caused by AREVA�s radioactivity spills and leaks into French air and rivers that flow into the Mediterranean Sea. 


Wait just a Uranium minin� minute here! A map of the Mediterranean shows that the French have just created a radioactive disaster rolling into rivers that flow into the same sea enjoyed by residents and tourists in the nations of not just France but also Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Spain.


Whoa� that�s a total of eighteen countries impacted by French nuclear accidents � in no less than three continents! And that�s not even including the radioactive leaks that disperse throughout the world into the air. Suffice it to say? Mon Dieu. Right about now, a good deal of the world must be awfully pissed at the French!


But the damage is already done and the French� gift� of nuclear disasters � a  regrettable and totally preventable loss - will, with any luck, have the outcome of saving not just American lives � but lives of people all the world over. Or I should say, lives will be saved wherever news agencies go the distance and report how one European nation, with 59 nuclear reactors in current operation, is not merely swiftly, lethally contaminating its very own� but also the European atmosphere� and the sea upon which three continents depend.


In this critically important news story,  we can begin to see what is dismissively called 115 "small irregularities," might mean in terms of numbers of children who will one day develop leukemia, women and men who will be diagnosed with breast and prostate cancers, as well as countless others who will be stricken with auto-immune system disorders, diabetes, and respiratory, neuro-muscular, and cardiovascular disease. These are but a few examples of the types of devastation caused by cell-damage and destruction that takes place when we�re exposed to invisible, sub-microscopic particles of toxic � and often lethal, man-made radiation.


This is why it is absolutely critical we spread the word about the effects of man-made radiation on public health.  And it�s important to realize we don�t have to be an official anti-nuclear �activist� to write a letter to the editor of our local paper or discuss this at a town council meeting, PTA event, softball game, or in an Internet chat room.


If we�re involved with social justice and humanitarian causes, we can tell others, in true grassroots fashion, about why it is critical to stop the onslaught of more nuclear reactors and help America become nuclear power plant-free. In addition, this is also an invitation for my fellow environmental, anti-war, and anti-Depleted Uranium activists to join me in taking up the anti-nuclear power fight, as well.


Arguments around the use of clean, sustainable energy sources, the heavy cost of nuclear power and economics, and global warming issues are all fine and good and certainly have their rightful place in anti-nuke discourse.  These talking points alone, however, are insufficient with regard to what it will actually take to halt the onslaught of new nuclear facilities �aided and abetted� by the feds themselves, who, by promoting � even pushing - nuclear power� are perpetrating federal crimes and violations of basic international laws by purposefully rendering only greater destruction of America�s health and environment.


Despite what the US President may find interesting� (�Interestingly enough, nuclear power provides 78 percent of electricity for France�), he has made his intentions to push for nuclear power quite clear (�It's a position that's going to expedite the regulations so we can get more plants up and running. And I'll talk a little bit about his intentions and our intentions to help increase nuclear power here in the United States�).


The President also tends to stick to concepts that bear little actual resemblance to the truth (�Nuclear power is safe. The nuclear sector is one of the safest industries in the United States�) and promotes a strong governmental link with the highly profitable nuclear �biz.� (�We need nuclear power to play a greater role in our future. That's what I want to share with you and the American people, as we talk about a comprehensive energy strategy, a comprehensive energy plan, nuclear power has got to be a really important part of our future� The federal government is helping to expand the safe use of nuclear power in some important ways�).


In a word, nuclear power is not only not safe, but it�s a clear, ever-present, and inevitable danger� despite what the man with his finger fiddling with the nuclear destruction button has to say. Radiation �leaks,� �accidents,� and routine emissions and releases create life-destroying havoc and devastation upon all life found in nature, the environment, and human health.


Out of concern for the well-being of our kids and grand kids, our nieces and nephews and all their descendants forevermore? The horrors of the effects of nuclear power upon public health is a well-documented, justified, legitimate discussion to be brought up at every occasion where two or more are  gathered in His name� or, come to think of it, gatherings in any name, for any reason at all.


My rule of thumb in deciding whether or not to bring up a discussion in public is simple. I simply ask myself, what would Jesus do? Clearly, Jesus wouldn�t take too kindly to the nuking of America currently being given the �blessing� of those �on high� in positions of federal power!


Yet, sadly, (and most curiously) the discussion of the connection between nuclear radiation and its deleterious effects upon human health - is also one being kept *out* of the agenda of some in the anti-nuke community. Hmm� Why would anyone keep this crucial information a secret, pray tell?


Don�t Americans deserve the truth - the whole truth and nothing but - about the damage caused by �routine� emissions from nuclear power plants and so-called "leaks" and �accidents� involving radiation released into the environment? It is absolutely critical � since our government is clearly not protecting us - that we learn at least a bit about radiation and health and take the initiative to educate our communities about such dangers - including the recent French nuclear disasters.


And last � but absolutely not least � those too young to remember Three Mile Island and Chernobyl must be swiftly brought up to speed. How, after all, can the younger generation ever know about how human life, wildlife, and our environment suffers tremendously � into a time frame akin to near-infinity  � when something within a nuclear power plant goes terribly, horribly awry?


By educating our fellow Americans about the dangers of radiation caused by our nation�s 103 nuclear reactors?  Ordinary people can undoubtedly, unquestionably help save countless lives of those currently living� and still yet-to-be-born� for billions of years to come.


Isn�t this, after all, what Jesus � or any great humanitarian who ever walked this beautiful planet � would do?  In the words of General Omar Bradley, who commanded the US ground forces in the WWII invasion of Normandy, �The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience.  Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.�


Stopping the bombardment of America by the nuclear power industry and its enablers in federal positions of power and control can only be successful if we all raise our voices and resist the continued and soon-to-be augmented radiation poisoning of America. And as France�s tragic nuclear nightmares have recently brought to our awareness, we can neither act on this too emphatically � nor quite quickly enough.





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Cathy Garger is a regular guest contributor to Axis of Logic. She is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a certified personal coach whose writing is specialized in Uranium weapons. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at

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