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Hiyam Noir, 10th report: Palestinian Resistance in Fierce Battle Against Israeli Invaders ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Hiyam Noir in Gaza
Palestine Free Voice
Monday, Jan 5, 2009

January 5 2008

Israeli invaders have killed and wounded many Palestinian children

Gaza City January 4 2008
Photographer "name withheld"
PalestineFreeVoice Images

GAZA- Some 20 minutes before the ground invasion Israeli launched air strikes at more than 45 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, their ground forces trespassed Gaza borders at 10 pm on Saturday evening, pushing deeper into Gaza.

At the eastern parts of Gaza, Israeli tanks entered through the Erez and Karni crossing points, the artillery advanced towards the southern parts of Gaza City. The Israeli intruders are stationed at the abandoned Israeli settlement of Netzarim outside Jabaliya. Tankfire killed earlier three residents in the Shujayya neighborhood. Palestinian fighters clashed with heavyarmed Israeli groundforces in Gaza City, one Israeli is reported dead and 30 where injured.

In Beit Hanoun in the north eastern Gaza Strip, Israeli tanks penetrated hundreds of meters then they closed the main road between Beit Hanoun and Gaza City. From the northwest Israeli forces reached the American school in the north of Beit Lahiya. The American school was leveled to the ground on Saturday targeted in an Israeli air strike.

Nearby the destroyed Yasser Arafat Airport, east of Rafah amid heavy artillery fire, Israeli tanks killed one and injured several other Palestinian fighters. Before noon on Sunday an airstrike killed the DFLP senior leader, Muhammed Abed Barbakh, his father Abed and his two brothers Mahdi and Yousef, also his nephew Musa Yousef was killed when missiles struck the home in the An-Nahdah neighborhoodof. Barbakh was a commander in the military branch of the National Resistance Brigades (DFLP). On Saturday before noon three children where killed in the southern town of Rafah.

Since the start of the Zionist Israeli ground invasion on Saturday night, 70 people, including 21 children and 11 women have been killed,more than 370 are reported injured. Gaza governmental Health Ministry on Sunday confirmed that since the 27 of December, 507 Gaza residents have been killed including 107 children, over 2450 are injured, hundreds are seriously injured.

Four children together with their mother became some of the victims today in the Zionist air and ground offensive their bodies where cut to pieces when missiles hit the house of the Baker family in the At-Toufah neighborhood in Gaza City.

In Beit Lahia in northern Gaza Strip, 4 children were killed during a series of air strikes in which 13 people have been killed, 34 have been injured. Tank missiles have killed at least 23 Gaza residents including 14 residents in Biet Lahia, and another 4 in Beit Hanoun.

In the Zionist Israeli escalated onslaught across Gaza Strip, from north to south the Palestinian resistance continue to confront Israeli tanks and ground troops invading Gaza Strip from four points. Hamas have prepared for an all out ground invasion of Gaza Strip for more than a year, building up a military force of almost 20.000 fighters, well trained in urban warfare.

Sounds of heavy mashine gun fire can be heard throughout Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, the Palestinian resistance are involved in fierce fighting with the Israeli intruder also in Jabaliya refuge camp, in nearby Netzarim, and in parts of Gaza City, including As Shuhayya and the At Toufah neightboorhod. At 6pm last night 3 Gaza paramedics where killed, and one was wounded in Tal Al- Haw a in the southern part of Gaza City, and two residents have been killed in the Zayton area also in Gaza City.

At least 514 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began intense air strikes on 27 December. Gaza medical officials put the number of wounded at 2,250 over nine days. Sources report that some 20 Israelis have been killed, and many others are wounded.

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