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AGUA FOR HAITI. Status Report November 12, 2011 ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Axis of Logic Foundation and Editorial Board.
Axis of Logic
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011

Status Report to Axis of Logic Contributors and Readers
November 12, 2011

Our project to ship 9,000 litres of potable water to Haiti has been postponed a number of times over the past year. This has been a source of embarrassment for us and we apologize to all contributors for the long delay. The problems we've encountered are more of a delicate political nature rather than logistical. The Venezuelan government and ALBA have fully supported us with this project. On Friday, November 11, Venezuela's Protección Civil notified us that a military transport will take the water to Port au Prince this Wednesday if we can coordinate with the water company where we are purchasing the water. We hope to be able to make all the necessary arrangements on Monday and Tuesday. When we finally ship the water successfully, we will post a report on the front page of Axis of Logic.

Thank you very much for your extraordinary patience and understanding.

- Les Blough, Editor

(En Español, abajo)

Dear Friends of Axis of Logic and Haiti,

One of the many problems Haitians face today, after the earthquake that struck on January 12, 2010 and now the horrible cholera epidemic introduced by UN troops, is their lack of potable water. Now that the rainy season has arrived, the problem has become even more severe. The Axis of Logic Foundation has organized a project for sending clean drinking water at a very low cost to Haiti from Venezuela. Read more details below about the water need and solutions for Haiti and the measures we are taking for accountability. We now have $3600 of the $4,000 needed to get this clean drinking water to the people in Haiti who need it most.

After this first shipment which we will intiate next week, we will continue to build for the next shipment and the next, as long as the need exists. Haiti's need for potable water is chronic but has never been as acute as now during this cholera epidemic. Since we began this fund drive in the spring, cholera has been inserted into Haiti by UN troops and it has been spread by contaminated bagged and bottled water marked "purified". Whether by the occupier's intentional plan or by their carelessness, they have killed at least 1,500 Haitians with their introduction and spread of cholera and have infected tens of thousands more.

We can guarantee that the water you will be sending to Haiti via Axis of Logic is clean drinking water from Venezuela. We can also guarantee that it will not be confiscated by authorities in Haiti and sold to people for profit. It will be delivered directly to the people who need it most. Our readers number in the millions worldwide and no contribution is too small. We thank everyone who has already contributed to this worthy project. We would also like to inform our readers for the first time that Axis of Logic's Agua for Haiti project began as a request from a 16 year old girl in Venezuela.

You can contribute to “Agua for Haiti” via PayPal. The way to do this is to go to our PayPal link on the Axis of Logic website, click on Agua for Haiti, type in "Haiti" in the description box, enter the amount and follow PayPal instructions. If you have never before sent money using PayPal it's very simple and secure, sending your donation either from your credit card or bank account. When making these payments, PayPal never reveals either your credit card or bank account number.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me personally at We would also appreciate a brief e-mail message from you, identifying yourself and telling us how much you contributed. I will reply by email or call you if you include your telephone number and include your country’s code. On behalf of the people of Haiti, The Axis of Logic Foundation and the Axis of Logic Editorial Board, thank you very much for your donation.

More information on this project

Haiti’s need for potable water

Haiti's coverage levels in urban and rural areas are the lowest in the hemisphere for both water supply and sanitation. Sewer systems and wastewater treatment are nonexistent. Coverage figures do not give an indication of service quality, which is generally quite poor. In rural areas, systems have often fallen into disrepair. They either do not provide any water service at all or provide service only to those close to the source, with those at the end of the system ("tail-enders") remaining without water. In almost all urban areas water supply is intermittent. Moreover, we have recently discovered and revealed that contaminated water has been sold as "purified" for profit by at least one organization within the established infrastructure for Haiti aid.

Using the broadest definition of accessible water from all sources, only 52% of urban populations and 54% of rural populations have access to water. Only 24% of those living in urban areas and only 11% have house connections to water.

Making water accessible to all

There is no doubt that well-drilling, water purification plants and a desalination plant are the best long-term solutions for the country. But until these utilities are in place, Haitians are in desperate need of bottled, potable water that can be distributed to people who have little or no access in unsupplied areas. The objective of Axis of Logic’s Agua for Haiti program is send containers of bottled water that can be delivered to Haiti from Venezuela. One of the advantages of this project involves the cost of transportation. The Venezuelan government will transport the water we purchase to Haiti free of charge. We have negotiated the lowest possible cost of bottled water from the Lider Water Company in Maracay. As of May 21, we have collected about $500 of the $4,000 needed for the first shipment of 9,000 litres of potable water.

Please let us list some reasons why we are asking you to contribute to this worthy project.

  1. Haiti’s need for potable water is critical. Part of the need for water is being met by wonderful organizations like Oxfam but there is a growing deficit for clean drinking water in Haiti. As the rainy season begins, existing water will become even more contaminated by flood waters due to the earthquake-collapse of Haiti’s infrastructure and sewage systems. Collecting rainwater in Haiti increases the risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria. At least until Haiti’s infrastructure and storm sewer system has been rebuilt Haitians are in desperate need of drinking water.

  2. Venezuela has been at the forefront of aid to Haiti from the first day after the earthquake. Thousands of medical teams and other relief workers have been living in tents with the Haitian people and providing practical care on a daily basis – with no strings attached. The Venezuelan government has forgiven Haitain petroleum debt. Thanks to the Venezuelan Government, the water we are shipping to Haiti involves no transportation or other intermediary costs. We are able to keep our administrative costs (establishing the Fundación, negotiating prices, organizing transportation, travel, and fundraising) at a bare minimum.

  3. This “foreign aid” involves no exhorbitant administrative costs and “no strings attached.” This differs from the practices of some international relief organizations. Your donation goes directly to a bottle of water in the hands of a mother, father or child in Haiti.

  4. The water you purchase will come from the Lider Water Company in Maracay, Venezuela. We were able to negotiate the lowest price for the highest quality drinking water available. We pay only 46% of the retail price in Venezuela. We plan to follow the first transportation of the water and photograph the process as a supplement to our next appeal to the general public – our millions of Axis of Logic readers.

  5. To the extent possible, we will provide photos and reports of the water delivery to Haiti. These weekly progress reports will be displayed prominently on the front page of Axis of Logic. We will provide to the public a detailed accounting for monies contributed and spent in this endeavor.

With these things in mind, we are asking you to join us and do your best to help buy good water in significant quantities, at the lowest possible price, with absolute confidence that together, we will achieve our goal – Agua for Haiti.

Please note that we have been receiving donations and paying bills via PayPal for 6 years and have never encountered a single problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally at I will reply by email or call you if you include your telephone number and include your country’s code. On behalf of the people of Haiti and the Axis of Logic Editorial Board, thank you very much for your contribution.

Viva Haiti!

  1. Les Blough, President
    Board of Directors
    Axis of Logic Foundation
    Axis of Logic Editorial Board

    Project "Agua for Haiti"
    Boston, Toronto and Caracas
    +(58) 426-849-2067


En Español

Una petición para donativos


Estimado amigos de Axis of Logic y de Haití,

Las noticias del terremoto de Haití han aparecido en casi todos los medios de comunicación social. Sin embargo, los problemas de Haití están apenas empezando y uno de los problemas severos que enfrentan los haitianos es la escasez de agua potable.

Irónicamente, con el comienzo de la temporada de lluvias será aún más difícil encontrar agua potable. Desde hace dos meses, Axis of Logic (Eje de la Lógica) organiza un proyecto para enviar agua embotellada a Haití. Fue necesario crear una fundación legal sin fines de lucro en Venezuela; negociar un precio solidario con una compañía de agua y crear la logística para transportar el agua directamente a Haití a través de la agencia de Protección Civil (P.C.) del gobierno venezolano, lo que recorta los costos de flete y entrega. Permítanos presentar algunas razones por las cuales se deberia contribuir a este noble proyecto:

  1. La necesidad de Haití por el agua potable es crítica. Una parte de dicha necesidad es cubierta por organizaciones maravillosas como Oxfam pero existe un creciente déficit de agua potable y limpia en ese país. La temporada de lluvias contaminará las fuentes de agua potable debido a inundaciones y el derrumbe de la infraestructura y alcantarillas ocasionado por el terremoto. La recolección del agua de lluvia aumenta el riesgo de enfermedades como el dengue y el paludismo ocasionado por los zancudos. Hasta que la infraestructura de Haití y el sistema de alcantarillas del drenaje hayan sido reparados, los haitianos seguirán teniendo una necesidad enorme del agua potable.

    Utilizando la definición más ancha de agua accesible de todas las fuentes, sólo 52% de poblaciones urbanas y 54% de poblaciones rurales tienen acceso para regar. Sólo 24% de esos vivir en áreas urbanas y sólo 11% tiene las conexiones de la casa para regar.

  2. Desde el primer día luego del sismo, Venezuela está en la vanguardia prestando ayuda humanitaria a Haití. Cientos de médicos voluntarios y socorristas viven en tiendas de campaña con los haitianos proporcionando ayuda incondicional todos los días. El gobierno venezolano ya canceló la deuda de Haití del petróleo. Gracias a la agencia de Protección Civil del gobierno venezolano no habrá costos de flete para enviar el agua y no hay intermediarios. De tal manera, será posible mantener nuestros gastos administrativos (establecimiento de la Fundación, solicitud de precio solidario del agua, transporte, viajes necesarios y la recaudación de fondos) en un mínimo.

  3. La ayuda que brindamos a los hermanos haitianos no implica ni gastos exorbitantes ni administrativos y es incondicional, por lo que difiere con las prácticas de las organizaciones internacionales. Su donativo llegará directamente a través de una botella de agua potable a las manos de una madre, un padre o un niño de Haití.

  4. El agua se comprará a la Compañía de Agua Líder C.A. en Maracay, Venezuela. Logramos negociar el precio más bajo para la calidad más alta. Pagamos sólo 46% del precio al por menor en Venezuela. Planeamos seguir el primer transporte del agua y fotografiar el proceso completo para complementar la próxima solicitud de fondos al gran público – es decir a nuestros millones de lectores de todas partes del mundo.

  5. Si es posible obtendremos y publicaremos fotos de la entrega del agua en Haití.

Su contribución

En el sitio web Axis of Logic publicaremos la contabilidad de los donativos recibidos, la cantidad de agua comprada y los gastos administrativos.

Teniendo en cuenta estos hechos vamos a unirnos para hacer un gran esfuerzo y comprar una gran cantidad de agua potable para los hermanos haitianos – al precio más solidario y la más alta calidad. De esta forma lograremos el objetivo de proporcionar un grano de ayuda pero significativa a ese sufrido pueblo – Agua para Haití.

Al el 27 de noviembre, nosotros hemos reunido $3800 del $4.000 necesitado para el primer embarque de 9.000 litros de agua potable. Nuestros lectores numeran en el millones mundial y ninguna contribución es demasiado pequeña. Damos gracias todos que ya ha contribuido a este proyecto digno.

Para hacer una contribución, el clic en PayPal en Axis of Logic. Entre el suma que usted desea de contribuir y escribir "Agua para Haití" en la descripción y sigue PayPal instrucciones.

Si vive en Venzuela usted, puede hacer su donativo en:

El Banco Central (Bicentenario)
Nombre de la Fundación Axis of Logic
en la cuenta corriente
Número 0158-0081-07-0811023988

En caso de cualquier duda o inquietud contáctenos directamente con

En nombre de Axis of Logic y el bravo pueblo de Haití les agradece a todos por su contribución a esta causa plenamente humanitaria.

¡Viva Haití!

Les Blough, Presidente
Junta Directiva de la Fundación Axis of Logic
Projecto “Agua para Haití”
La Victoria, Edo. Aragua, Venezuela
(0) 426-849-2067 - Les (español pequeño)
(0) 412-346-0839 - Carlos (mejor español)

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