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English video coverage of Ahmadinejad's first day in Lebanon... not aired on Al Jazeera Printer friendly page Print This
By Cherifa Sirry in Cairo, Egypt. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic. Press TV (videos)
Thursday, Oct 14, 2010

Can the US government understand English or does it need Israeli filters for interpretation?  Can the US and especially Ms. Clinton see and hear just how "isolated" the US has become instead of telling us all day "how isolated Iran is"??   Can the US see the massive reception and welcome Iranian president Ahmadinejad received from the Lebanese people?  Can the American people see that the US is lying when it feeds them that Iran is an enemy to the Arab world and most importantly the Arab people?   Can the US comprehend that the Arab and Muslim people will without doubt stand with Iran if they have to choose between the US/Israel axis and Iran??  Can the US understand that if it is considering allowing Israel to strike one more country in our region or start one more conflict in our region, the Muslim people together, Sunni and Shi'a will stand up against the US?  Can the US see that its policy of support to the criminal apartheid Zionist occupation of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon has isolated America and not Iran??   Can the US swallow that neither Muslim or Christian in the Near East will stand idly by and watch the destruction of one more country at  the US or Israeli hands??   Can the US see that if efforts to create a divide between Sunnis and Shia's will never work because we are all Muslims first?  Can the US see that we will all stand as one people and if it wants to maintain any relations of significance in the future with the Near East, it must now choose between the whole Near East and its colonial apartheid darling Israel which was established on Palestinian Arab land and at the expense of Palestinian blood and Arab blood.  It is either us or Israel and there no longer is a choice in between.

Below are video links to yesterday's coverage in English of Ahmadinejad's first day in Lebanon.

Beirut Prepares For President Ahmadinejad's Visit - Special Report [Press TV News]


Analysis Of Dr Ahmadinejad Visit To Lebanon - Mohsen Saleh and Maher Salloum [Press TV Live]



Significance Of Dr Ahmadinejad's Visit To Lebanon With Kamal Wazni [Press TV Live]


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