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Obama Joins the Plot to Divide the Sudan ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Ziyad Abu Ghanima. Translated by Ian Joseph Matthews
Watching America
Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

Egypt and Sudan today

Egypt and Sudan were one from 1821 to 1956.
This map was drawn in 1892

I am of the generation that can remember the period from 1821 through 1956, in which Egypt and the Sudan were one country. During that period the moniker “King of Egypt and the Sudan” was applied to the king of Egypt. Following the July 23, 1952 revolution that ended the rule of King Farouk, calls arose for establishing a fully functioning unity of Egypt and the Sudan. The Sudanese people welcomed these calls for unity with great excitement, in part because the mother of General Mohammad Naguib, the leader of the revolution in its infancy, was Sudanese. The Sudanese people welcomed the revolution’s emissary, Major Salah Salem, who was in fact born in the Sudan though he was raised in Egypt, with a warm reception upon his appointment as Egyptian Minister of State for Sudan Affairs in 1953. He reciprocated their warmth and ignited their emotions when he participated bare-chested in a traditional Sudanese dance to the accompaniment of thunderous drumbeats.

The Nile River Valley consisting of today's Egypt and Sudan

It did not take long for the English, whose armies were still based in Egypt and Sudan, to realize how dangerous it would be for Egypt and the Sudan to be unified under the auspices of a revolution whose rhetoric included slogans espousing Arabism and the confrontation of imperialism. The feelings of the English regarding this danger to their interests and the interests of their Western allies came to resemble the feelings of the Zionists and their exploitative entity in Palestine. The English and the Zionists, with the help of the Americans, came to realize the necessity of obstructing the attempt of the Free Officers to unify Egypt and the Sudan into a single state. It is regrettable that the English, ironically enough, succeeded in stopping the unification of these countries on the part of a party that used the slogan of unity and took it as part of its name.

The National Unionist Party of Sudan earned a majority in parliamentary elections, but the English overturned these results without giving any reason for their having do so at the time. In fact, it was merely to thwart any attempt at union between Egypt and the Sudan. Ismail Al-Azhari became the first president of independent Sudan, and wasted no time in presenting a draft law to the Sudanese parliament for the independence of the Sudan from Egypt. The parliament voted unanimously for this law and the Sudan became an independent country.

Now the picture is recurring as the Sudan is being stabbed in the back with a new dagger: a conspiracy to sever the south of the country from the north. It is no longer possible to ignore that the Obama administration is moving with suspicious insistence in its complete identification with the side of the Zionists and their offensive entity in Palestine in its war against the Arabs and the Muslims. The Obama administration gives unlimited support to this conspiracy to divide the Sudan according to the statements of Obama, his vice president and his secretary of state, as well as numerous members of Congress, both representatives and senators. I do not think that we need a lot of intelligence to realize that partitioning the Sudan and separating its south from its north is a matter of compelling necessity to the true interests of the Zionists who desire the existence of a “Southern Sudan” to pressure Egypt by manipulating the flow of the Nile’s waters. All facts and indicators show that “Southern Sudan” will be a Zionist-American creation meant to hold Egypt hostage to Zionist interests.

It is regrettable that despite the Obama administration enrolling in the conspiracy to divide the Sudan, the majority of Arabs and Muslims (in name only!) consider Obama and his administration to be friendly. Yet Obama seeks to partition the Sudan to further the conspiracy of trying to end the Palestinian issue to the benefit of the Zionists and their accursed entity in Palestine, all while cutting deeply into the blood and the honor of millions of Arabs and Muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan to Lebanon to Somalia, and so on and so forth, including the arrogance of scenes of hostility to Arabs and Muslims in American society. Yet these same Arabs and Muslims continue to put all their eggs in one basket.

Do you recall what I wrote in Ad-Doustour when Obama began his circus show to improve the image of the U.S. toward Arabs and Muslims? In a word, I wrote that “vinegar is the brother of mustard, and that Obama and his predecessor Bush are both two sides of one evil American coin with the phrase "the U.S. is in the service of Zionism" emblazoned its face."

In the section called “Remember, if Memory Serves” I relate that I have in my archive pictures of Bush the Republican and Obama the Democrat presenting papers of their enrollment in the service of the Zionist project while facing the wall of the Harem Ash-Sharif that the Zionists have seized and now claim to be the long-destroyed “Wailing Wall.”


Edited by Alex Brewer

Source: Watching America

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