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Anna Massry: Egyptians Taking Control of Their Own Destiny. ( 0) Printer friendly page Print This
By Anna Massry. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jan 28, 2011

See the April 29 update to this report: Anna Massry Reports from Cairo
Axis of Logic received a telephone call late last night from our columnist and correspondent in Cairo,
Anna Massry. Anna called from her home in Cairo at 2 a.m. explaining that cellular telephones were likely to be cut off today (which turned out to be the case). She witnessed a massive demonstration outside her home yesterday in which tens of thousands of Egyptians marched, chanting (Arabic): “People. Want. Fall. Regime.” Elaborated: “The People Want the Regime to Fall.” Today, Anna has been in the streets in Cairo, participating in the demonstrations and recording them by notepad and camera for Axis of Logic.

- Les Blough, Editor

Anna Massry's Report ("Third Day of Wrath" 2 a.m. January 28)

  • January 25 was the first “Day of Anger”, joined by hundreds of thousands of Egyptians demanding the resignation of the entire Mubarak government.

  • Yesterday, January 28 was declared the third “Day of Anger”, bringing even more Egyptians out into the street.

  • In the last 2 days the government has arrested at least a thousand people.

  • But on their Facebook page (now closed) members of the April 6 Movement (Pro-democracy youth group) said they would defy a ban on demonstrations, vowing to take to the streets again on Thursday and calling for mass demonstrations after Friday's Muslim prayers. Indeed they have kept their word as they are forcing the hand of the government.

  • Thursday "will not be a holiday... street action will continue," the group said on its Facebook page.

  • Following suit with the man who self-emolated in Tunisia, earlier this week an Egyptian dissenter set himself ablaze in front of the parliament building. The Minister of the Interior came to his rescue and later visited him in the hospital in a government show of sympathy but the people didn’t buy it.

  • The government shut down the internet on Wednesday, including Twitter and Facebook.

  • The government was raiding and attacking internet provider servers across the country.

  • Meeting points had already been declared for marches and protests before the government cut off internet servers. So the people already knew where and when to go for future marches.

  • Today after noonday prayers, people planned to gather at the mosques to begin demonstrations against the government. Our confidential sources have informed us today this has taken place on schedule all across Egypt.

  • Marches, demonstrations and protests are made up of all Egyptians from all socio-economic levels and all walks of life. This is unprecedented. For example, members of a very wealthy club in Cairo have joined the anti-government marches. Entire families are participating in the demonstrations with their children; students and youth come out in massive numbers each day demanding that all members of the Mubarak regime step down.

  • The biggest protests (numbers) have been in Cairo. Many marches and demonstrations begin peacefully until the police attack them and then the marchers retaliate.

  • Egypt has been rife with rumors that members of the government are secretly leaving Egypt for exile – but Anna Massry said that as of early this morning “they are only rumors as far as we know. Meanwhile, according We are all Khaled Said (FB), Al Jazeera reported, “Sources say that several prominent government officials and pro-government Egyptian businessmen are leaving Egypt now on private jets.

  • In a Cairo protest yesterday morning, thousands of youth attacked a police line and sent the police off running. In the afternoon the government sent 13,000 police back to the scene where the you continued their demonstration, attacked them with rubber bullets, tear gas and clubs, injuring many but noone was killed.

  • Protestors have at various places throughout the country been attacking police cars, torching government buildings.

  • The police killed 3 protestors in the city of Suez a few days ago and 3 more yesterday. In addition they injured many and ran down several protestors with their police cars.

  • Yesterday the Muslm Brotherhood (the biggest political party in Egypt) excercised restraint and did not initially participate in the marches as the government were already blaming them as instigators of the uprising. However, after hundreds of thousands showed up on the street yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood joined them.

  • Yesterday, prominent reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei called on Mubarak to leave office after 30 years. Word was disseminated yesterday that ElBaradei planned to join street protests today. Our anonymous sources tell us today that the government has placed ElBaradei under house arrest. Elbaradei is the former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency and recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Meanwhile in breaking news, The Head of Egyptian parliament has said that he will be making an important announcement very soon. According to Egyptian law, if the president is not avaialble, the head of parliament takes over for a temperoraily period. However, the obvious question is whether the people will tolerate any remnant of the current regime to stand or speak for them. In the opinion of Axis of Logic correspondent Anna Massry – they will not.

  • Yesterday, Mohamed ElBaradei who has steadfastly refused to be considered for any political office, offered to head an interim government until democratic elections can be held in Egypt.


Meanwhile, here is the very latest missive from the Muslim Brotherhood:

23 :22
21 :56
Thousands of protestors burn down the dictator's pictures in his home town of Monofyya New
21 :49
Eyewitnesses: Military fire trucks began to put down fires in Central Cairo New
21 :41
al Jazeera: Thousands of Egyptian youth form human shields to protect the Egyptian Museum New
21 :37
Egyptian opposition figures urge MB to form units to gaurd public properties New
21 :31
Where is the dictator Mubarak? Gov't's silence raises speculations of who is really in charge
21 :24
Youth activists call for the formation of Popular Councils to gaurd properties and restrain gov't thugs
21 :20
MB sources confirm: Falling regime unleashes thugs and undercover agents to destroy public properties
21 :01
Aljazeera: disturbing reports of chaos and destruction of businesses and gov't buildings
20 :57
Medical sources: more than 870 injured and 5 killed in Friday's clashes
20 :55
Underway: More than 100 thousands protestors in Mahla demanding regime change
20 :36
Egyptian army strengthens its grip on the capital and major cities
19 :57
Chaos prevailing? a bank robbed in Cairo and fire threatening the Egyptian Museum
19 :57
Chaos prevailing? a bank robbed in Cairo and fire threatening the Egyptian Museum
19 :54
Army tanks in the streets of Alexandria
19 :50
US in denial! Clinton still betting on Mubarak to reform instead of stepping down
19 :48
Gov't forces still resisting in Sharqyya, firing large number of teargas bombs
19 :45
Army armoured vechicles heading towards Radio and TV building in downtown Cairo
19 :25
Two protestors martyred in Mansoura by police
19 :19
Unconfirmed reports of porestors storming the state owned TV and Radio buidling
19 :11
MB leaders brace for massive arrests among its ranks tonight
19 :07
MB confirms it's not leading the demonstrations, only participating as part of Egyptian people
19 :05
Ikhwanweb still down in Egypt, staff are in direct contact with London's office for Breaking News update
19 :01
Ikhwanweb editor: US should side with the people and learn from its mistakes during Iranian revolution
18 :56
Police thugs speading chaos in Kafr el Dwar, burning private properties
18 :53
Army tanks roaring over streets of Suez
18 :13
Egyptians greet army units with hugs on Cairo streets
17 :58
Let the Freedom rings! Egyptians begining to take control of their country
17 :55
Obama EXPOSED! American lies about freedom and democracy collapsed at the heels of Egyptians
17 :47
Mubarak imposes curfew in main cities beginign at 6:00 PM Egypt's time
17 :43
Cairo: Police forces withdraw from Central Cairo
17 :25
Alexandria is FREE. Mubarak's regime collapsed in Alexandria
17 :21
Confirmed: Alexandria is completely under the People's control, police forces surrounded in football field
17 :12
Confirmed: Egyptian army moves towards central Cairo
17 :11
Confirmed: Several high-ranking police officers take off uniforms and join protestors in Zaqaziqu
17 :09
Wikileaks releases more cables revealing police brutality and government;s oppression
17 :06
Syrian regime shuts down internet services
17 :05
Raml police station burned down by protestors in Alexandria, others to follow
16 :52
Thousands destroy Kafr el Dawar main police station, heading towards City Council's buliding
16 :51
50 thousands in Mahla demand regime change, police cars burning in Suez
16 :49
Alexandria: Protestors storm the governorate' s headquarters and occupy el Montaza main poice station
16 :41
El Baradie under house arrest
16 :39
Security forces attack protestors viciously, several killed and injured on the streets
16 :19

Ikhwanweb is down since yesterday, site partially updated from outside Egypt




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