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Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's August 15 Speech, committing troops to Syria Printer friendly page Print This
By Hasan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah. AL-Mayadeen Network. Axis of Logic
AL-Mayadeen Network. Axis of Logic
Monday, Aug 19, 2013

Editor's comment: In his August 15 speech to the Lebanese people, Hassan Narallah publically announced Hezbollah's decision to commit their military forces to defend Syria. Nasrallah also provides great detail on the US/Israeli-backed Takfiris who are at the center of the al-Queda war against the Syrian government and how the Takfiris are trying to pit Sunnis against Shias and vice-versa with their terrorist attacks. In this speech, Nasrallah also rallies the Lebanese masses to defend Lebanon and Syria. The clarity, precision and care he takes to explain the defense of Lebanon as a country endangered by the war against Syria and his reverence for martyrs of the aggression are impressive. Nasrallah begins by reminding the people of their history, their past victories including their defeat of Israel in 2006 and the strength of the people and the Hezbollah-Lebanese military.

All photos and related captions and commentary have been added by Axis of Logic.

- Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic

Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese political and military organization Hezbollah since 1992, leads the Lebanese people in defense of Syria on August 15, 2013 in Beirut.

"Here I am telling you: Our response to this kind of bombing is as follows. We will be transparent too. If we have 100 fighters in Syria, they will be 200. If we have 1000 fighters in Syria, they will be 2000. If we have 5000 fighters in Syria, they will be 10000. You are mistaken. You are hitting in the wrong place.

"If this battle with these Takfiri terrorists require that I myself and all of Hezbollah go to Syria, we will go to Syria. We will go to Syria as we did for the sake of Syria and its people, and for the sake of Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. By God we will do so for the sake of all of the Lebanese – Muslims and Christians alike – as well as for the sake of Palestine and Al Qods and the central cause.

"Let no one assume that in case they opened a battle with us that they put a decisive end to the battle. It's we who will put a decisive end to the battle. It is we who set the time for the end of the battle. In May 25, we fired the last bullet. In the Grapes of Wrath in 1996, we fired the last bullet. On August 14, 2006, we fired the last bullet....

"Yes, this battle will cost us much. However it will be less costly than we being slaughtered as sheep or less costly than waiting for the killers and criminals to come to the middle of our houses."

The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the anniversary of July War celebration held in the bordering town of Aita Shaab on Friday August 16, 2013

In His Name

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I would like to thank you for this massive and honored attendance in such an atmosphere and such circumstances especially that you came to this bordering town that is adjacent to the bribed wire and neighboring the entity which is usurping the land of dear Palestine.

Many thanks for this attendance. I salute you with every possible salutation. First, it is inevitable that we recall what happened yesterday. We pray for Allah to have mercy and raise the status of the martyrs who died oppressively in the terrorist explosion in Dahiyeh. We also pray for Allah Al Mighty for the haste recovery for all those who were injured in this enormous and critical terrorist aggression. We offer our consolations and our condolences to the families of the martyrs and the injured and to everyone who was bodily, psychologically, spiritually, and materialistically afflicted in yesterday's aggression.

I also highly appreciate and stand with awe and reverence before the patience of the people – the people of Dahiyeh – and their tolerance, responsibility, awareness, and civilized and controlled conduct. We also laud everyone who condemned this grave incident and showed solidarity and expressed sympathy whether presidents, ministers, political and religious leaderships, deputies, parties, groups, personalities, media outlets, countries, and governments. We must also condemn the silence of the countries which remained silent and which with days would be revealed to be supporting terrorism, killing, and the crime taking place in our entire region.

A car bomb on August 15 on the main road in Dahiyeh, Beirut, killed at least 16 people and injured 226 according to Lebanon's Health Ministry.
My word today comprises two sections.

The first section has to do with the anniversary of the war. Call it as you wish: July War, the War of the True Promise, or Lebanon War II as the enemy called it. In the second section, I would like to tackle the internal situation starting with the terrorist massacre that was perpetrated against our people in Dahiyeh yesterday and the rocket and explosive aggressions that preceded it. As I would be addressing you in the second section, I would be addressing through you all those who are listening now in the various regions and countries. Allow me to talk clearly, calmly, and with responsibility and transparency. Let me say things in their names and set a road map so that we cooperate together to cripple the afflictive, destructive, terrorist project.

This year we wanted to mark this anniversary in the town of Aita which is adjacent to the bribed wire. It is on the border and it outlooks Occupied Palestine. Its air is that of Palestine, and its breeze is that of Palestine. From where you are standing you smell the fragrance of Occupied Palestine. So this is the symbolism of this place. Now you – men, women, elderly, youths, and political, religious, military and security figures – are gathering in this place. You are at stone's throw from the enemy. This massive rally after 65 years of the establishment of the usurping entity has great significance and indications that you and everyone who sees this platform know.

We wanted to rally today and mark this anniversary in Aita for its significance. Just like all our towns, villages, neighborhoods, and cities in the South, Bekaa, and the other Lebanese regions, Aita stands for all of these. Its steadfast, kind people who stick to their land, its brave heroic resistance men, its alive martyrs, its patient wounded, and its freed prisoners are a symbol for all the towns which fought for 33 days, remained steadfast, and were not defeated. Aita is a symbol for this steadfastness, courage, and determination. It is also a symbol for fighting with insight. It is a symbol for fighting and sacrifice-offering with love.

What took place in Aita over 33 days was from its moral value above religious duty and national obligation. That was above the obligation and above the law. That expresses the human and moral value of this resistance, the people of this resistance, and the land of this resistance. Thus I say the background of this steadfastness and killing was knowledge and adoration. I do not forget during these days when most of Aita's houses were demolished. It was under savage shelling by Israeli artillery and air force. There were repetitive attacks by Israeli tanks. It was in grave danger. Its fighters along with some of its residents were in great danger of being killed – all of them.

I sent to them via the direct responsible brethrens and told them that you are not obliged to remain in Aita. You are not obliged to remain in a village at the borderlines. No one would blame you. That does not contradict with our strategy which was not based on sticking to geography but on fighting in guerilla war so as to afflict the enemy with the greatest casualties. However these brave heroic resistance men themselves decided to remain in this bordering village. They decided to fight until the last bullet, missile, drop of blood, and breath. They wanted to send a message to the Lebanese and to the whole world on the true moral identity and value of this resistance and this people.

When I remember this stance I recall the companions of Al Hussein (Peace be upon him) on the tenth night of Muharam. Imam Hussein told his companions: "Night had befallen you. Why don't you then ride the darkness of the night to flee? Let everyone of you hold the hand of one of my family members, and leave me to face this group by myself." The resistance did not tell these fighters in Aita to leave in the darkness of the night. We told them to move to another fighting position. However, they insisted to remain in the front lines. It is as if their souls, hearts, bodies, cells, and blood that moves in their veins were calling around the clock for 33 days in Aita Al Shaab: At your service. O Hussein!

Aita stands for every village to which its residents returned at the first hour of the ceasefire. They returned to their ruined houses. They unrolled their mats, built their tents, and lived amid ruins and insisted in remaining in their land. They rebuilt their houses, planted their fields, and resumed their honored life which was offered to them by the dear martyrs from among their children. Aita today is that beautiful, loyal, and proud town just as all our beautiful, loyal, and proud towns. It is as such and even more.

Brothers and sisters! Your historic victory on May 25th, 2000 – as we said some days ago and in more than one occasion – put an end and delivered the deathblow to Great Israel. That's because Israel and its army which could not remain in Lebanon – indisputably the weakest Arab state apparently – cannot establish a state from the Nile to the Euphrates. Your historic victory on August 14th, 2006 put an end and delivered the deathblow to the project of Major Israel which wanted to impose itself as an arrogant, dominant, capable force and to impose its conditions on the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Arabs, and all the peoples of the region as well as on Iran and to be a frightening, terrifying power which makes the hearts and nerves shake when its name is mentioned. That was toppled on August 14th, 2006. You who are rallying today in Aita are asserting that this was toppled. This Israel came out of this war defeated, frustrated, weak, and beaten. This was acknowledged by its leaders, generals, and people. It is still addressing its wounds until this very day through drills, maneuvers, and schemes….

An Israeli Merkava tank destroyed by Hezbollah in their 2006 defeat of Israel
These two great victories had two strategic results for Lebanon and the peoples and governments of the region. The first result of the first victory was that the popular, organized, armed resistance which was embraced by its people is able to make victory. We do not talk philosophical theories. The evidence is that what took place on May 25th, 2000, and what took place in Gaza Strip later on was a strategic outcome on the intellectual level, on the level of options, on the level of vision, and on the level of action. The second outcome is related to the second victory. Some might say the popular resistance is a liberation power because it depends on guerilla wars, the long breath, war of attrition, making use of time, the variety of tactics, and the inability of the enemy to tolerate for a long time and thus the resistance would impose on the enemy to pull out. However the popular resistance could not be a defensive power before a fierce strong military attack with multiple dimensions and levels. However July War and its experience clearly asserted that the organized, popular resistance which is embraced by the people is able to be a true defensive force at a time the aggressed country does not own the military and technological capabilities and the number of soldiers and the war equipment which the attacking enemy owns. The evidence is what took place in July War.

Hezbollah's organized, popular resistance marching in Beirut

July War presented a comprehensive school which has been taught in research centers around the world since that time. It is taught also in the world military academies. Still some people here bet on getting rid of this school and on discarding with it.

Today, we are asserting our commitment to this school and this path – the path of resisting for liberating our occupied land and defending our people, villages, and homeland Lebanon and its sovereignty, land, waters, wealth, and capabilities. We are also asserting our decisive faith and final conviction which was proved by experience over 65 long years. That's because what we are in now is the result of all of these experiences which the governments of the region, the peoples of the region, the armies of the region, the parties of the region, and the resistance factions and movements in the region went through. Thus we reach this decisive conviction that the most precious, the best and the most powerful thing that Lebanon owns now is this golden equation: The Army-the people-the resistance.

"We will build our houses not only on the borders but also on the bribed (sic) wire – with the permission of the UNIFIL and others. We will build our houses ... We will guard the waters of our rivers whether it went deep in the land or was wasted in the sea.... We - indeed I mean our state – will extract oil and gas from our sea and our sea frontiers with Occupied Palestine"
This is what we are asserting today. We tell the foe as well as the friend: We will remain here on the borders and the bordering village besides the deep and the rear regions. We will remain. We will plant our field with our hands on the borderlines. We will build our houses not only on the borders but also on the bribed wire – with the permission of the UNIFIL and others. We will build our houses on the bribed wire and you have done so. We will guard the waters of our rivers whether it went deep in the land or was wasted in the sea. However, we will not allow it to be rubbed by the enemy. We – indeed I mean our state – will extract oil and gas from our sea and our sea frontiers with Occupied Palestine. The Israelis won't be able to do anything with us. Today I will say even more than the message of the qualitative ambush and qualitative operation in Labbouneh. Today, I will recall what I said days ago: It is no more allowed that any Israeli soldier under whatever title or condition take one step to blemish our Lebanese territories which was purified by the blood of martyrs. These feet would be cut along with the heads.

We will not be merciful in defending our villages, land, and people. Here I will tell the Israelis that the time of Israeli military tourism on the Lebanese borders and in the Lebanese internal had come to an end with no return.
Brothers and sisters! I assert to you that your resistance today and after seven years following the victory of July, despite all what happened during these hard years, is stronger than any time in the past. It has the greatest number of fighters and equipment and its will and determination are firmer than any time in the past.

Now I will move to the second section. We will talk calmly so that we together shoulder the responsibility. It is not something new for the enemy to target this audience, these people, this milieu, these children, women, men, elderly and owners of stores and shops in Dahiyeh or in other places. When the Israeli enemy – or any enemy including the Israeli enemy - used to fail in confronting the fighters as was their case always, they used to resort to hitting the people, the audience of the resistance, and the people of the
The Second Qana Massacre; photographic evidence of Israeli crimes - 55 Civilians including 27 children killed  in a UN shelter.
                  - Axis of Logic
resistance which embraces the resistance. At times these people may not be with the resistance but they exist in this country and in these regions. The history of Israeli wars and Israeli massacres is full of such crimes : Qana I, Qana II, and what took place even before and after that in Suhmur, Higher Nabatiyeh, Hula, and many other towns as well as in Dahiyeh, in Chiah, in Baalbeck, Nabi Sheath, Ali Nahri and many other places in July War. These evidences are clear.

Indeed, the enemy acts as such because this is our point of weakness.  Here we are hurt. This grieves us. That's how the enemy exerts pressure on us when they fail to confront us militarily. This is a point of weakness but also a source of pride. It's because that indicates that the relation between the resistance, the leaders of the resistance, the men of the resistance, and the people is an emotional, human, moral, and spiritual, relation. They are one and united.

Never did the resistance in Lebanon act as if it is coming from the jungles of Africa or imported its fighters as some imported fighters of nowadays. They are imported from other places around the world. Consequently, what took place and what afflicts people do not concern them at all. Thus for over decades, in its conduct, the resistance took pains not to take any military resisting action without taking into consideration the reactions of the enemy and without taking into consideration protecting the people and civilians. This in fact was one of the reasons of the gathering of the people around the resistance. Thus April Agreement was made, and it could – for a great extent – impose a formula to guard the people especially in the south against targeting the Israeli settlements.

So when the resistance and the people share the very feelings, when the resistance is happy for their happiness, is sad for their sadness, feels their pain, rejoices for their joy that would be a point of strength from one perspective and a point of weakness which the enemy exploits from another. In fact, some sides do not care for the people. What is important is that the leader is good and his family is good no matter what prices the rest of the people may pay. That's of no concern to them.

Brothers and sisters! What took place yesterday targeted people. It was not an assassination operation. It did not target a Hezbollah cadre or a leader who was targeted. It did not target a center, an office or an institution for Hezbollah. Whoever perpetrated the massacre yesterday in Dahiyeh wanted deliberately and knowingly to afflict the largest number of casualties among women, children, and civilians. That was the target.

So far some media outlets said that the explosive device weighed 50 or 60 kilograms. In fact, it weighs much more than that. Later on, the brethrens Inshallah will announce the true facts and figures. It is more than 100 kilograms. This explosive device which was detonated in that place in particular as in the case of the previous explosive device in Bir Abed meant to kill and cause casualties. The aim was to kill people and not to assassinate a cadre or a leader or to target a center or an office or the like.

Anyway, this massacre comes in the framework of this great and open battle that started decades before Hezbollah and carried on with Hezbollah. As long as this struggle exists, these would be among the tools and details of this battle. As long as there is a party which is resisting and which refuses to yield to the international will and the Zionist will, and as long as there is an environment that embraces this part, this party and its embracing environment will have to assume the repercussions and the sacrifices. That is natural and not something new.

Israel bombed Beirut with cluster bombs in 2006, killing, wounded and displaced thousands. The majority of the Lebanese killed were civilians, and UNICEF estimated that 30% of those killed were children under the age of 13.
Today we need to take a stance and to see the details so as to share responsibilities. We need a road map as I said. Today we do not want to stand and shed tears on ruins. We never got accustomed to that. We hold our martyrs – especially these martyrs - on our shoulders and bury them with pride and pain. We cure our injuries and rebuild our houses. The state indeed will assume its responsibility and stand with the victims. However we too will stand with the victims and we will not desert them. That's what we do; however, we have to move on in confronting what is upcoming. This is not the beginning or the end of the world. This is not the beginning or the end of the battle. It is a chain in this long path. During the past months and weeks, rockets were launched on Bekaa, Hermel, and some villages in Hermel, Sirin, Nabi Sheath, the neighborhood of Nabi Sheath, and the city of Baalbeck. Those who launched the rockets were known. That's because the rockets were launched from inside the Syrian territories. So the so called Syrian armed opposition groups launched the rockets. Here the perpetrator is known. So there is no need to inquire and gather information or analyze. The perpetrator is known.

Other incidents took place. Explosives were detonated on Hermel Main Road and hit civilians and a Lebanese Army force. Explosions took place on Majdal Anjjar Road and on Zahle Road. Rockets were launched on Dahiyeh. On July 9, the explosion in Bir Abed took place. Later on, rockets were launched from some regions in the eastern suburbs of Beirut towards Mount Liban including rockets towards Yarzeh in Baabda. The last was what took place yesterday. It was a terrible massacre perpetrated in Dahiyeh.

Now let me talk about the events that took place before yesterday's explosion.

On Sunday August 11, four rockets hit the outskirts of the Bekaa town of Hermel and the neighboring town of al-Qasr.
Well, how did we act? The explosive devices in Hermel Road, Majdal Anjjar Road, and Zahle Road were targeting us. The rockets which were launched on Dahiyeh were targeting us. It is not known so far whether it was Dahiyeh which was targeted by the other rockets which were said to fall on Mount Liban or not. It is also clear that the big explosion which took place on July 9 and led to the injury of 50 people might have led to a horrible massacre also targeted our people, region and environment.

What did we do?
I want to talk about how we acted so as to build our future action on it.

First, we did not take any hasty reaction.
You know that in Lebanon when an incident takes place, you see that people hit the street and block roads – main roads and international roads. People would attack cars, break edifices, ask for identities, hit and cause harm…. Well we did not take any reaction. Here we must laud the people and their insight and awareness. This is what I will assert in the road map in a while.

Second, we did not accuse anyone.
I also asked the brethrens that there is no need to issue statements. I even did not so far talk about the explosion in Bir Abed and the other explosives and the rockets in Dahiyeh. We acted scientifically as we always call on people who are aggressed against whether in an assassination attempt, or explosion or any other incident to act. What do we tell them? Why do you issue accusations? As soon as the incident takes place, they start issuing accusations. They do not only issue accusations, they condemn and issue sentences and what would only remain that people be taken to jail. This is what usually takes place.

"No one loves these people, adores these people, feels sad for these people, acts humbly towards these people and kisses the soil under the feet of these people more than Hezbollah and the leadership of Hezbollah."
Even concerning the explosion of Bir Abed on July 9, statements – though shy – were made by some Lebanese circles unfortunately to the effect that this car was parked by Hezbollah to take it as a pretext to stage some incidents and actions and to turn the tables in the country. Can there be more than this degree of oppression and falsehood? By God – we are swearing at a time we do not need to swear by God – no one loves these people, adores these people, feels sad for these people, acts humbly towards these people and kisses the soil under the feet of these people more than Hezbollah and the leadership of Hezbollah. Then some ignoble insolent people would say in statements, interviews, and on websites that the explosion of July 9 in Bir Abed was installed by Hezbollah and that the evidence is that no one died in the explosion! It is you who act as such. The intelligence bodies which you work with act as such. Hezbollah does not act as such, and those like Hezbollah do not act as such.

Well, we put some assumptions. As we used to call on others to act we must act. We will put some assumptions. Let's see. Who put this car in Bir Abed near the Islamic Cooperation Center? Who targeted us with rockets? Who installed the bombs on Hermel Road and on Majdal Anjjar Road?

The map shows Hermel and al-Qasr near the Syrian-Lebanese border where Hezbollah was hit by rocket fire and bombs on August 11, 2013.

There are several assumptions. Indeed the security apparatuses and the Intelligence directorate exerted special efforts and they must be thanked for that. They were working on the same files. We were working on the same files too. Later we compared and conformed these information and data.

Well, we put some assumptions. The first supposition is Israel. There is a great revenge between Israel and us. There is an open battle between Israel and us. So the first and logical assumption for Hezbollah according to its mentality and methodology is Hezbollah. Well, let's inquire this assumption. There are Israel's collaborators. Now I do not want to say how we make this inquiry and what indications make this possibility strong or weak.

We inquired the indications, and we did not find anything to this effect. However it remains an assumption. We cannot neglect it or confirm it.
The second assumption is the Takfiri groups which have announced in many occasions – and not only after Hezbollah got involved in Al Qusair but rather from the very first days of the struggle in Syria – their war against us adding that they are coming, they will fight you, they will let you pay heavy prices, and that you are Magi and Persian…. Well this is the second supposition. Let's inquire this assumption and see the indications and data and gather the information in the various means.

There is a third assumption. It is that a third side had got involved. This side might have found that there is a battle between us and the Israelis. We are threatened by the Takfiri groups. So a third side might get involved to cause escalation between the Israelis and us or to cause sedition or internal fighting or struggle on a sectarian or factional background. This is also an assumption apart from the third side which might be so and so…. We did not make haste to make any accusation until today.

Hezbollah soldiers carry one of their own, martyred by US/Israeli-backed Takfiri terrorists in the Hermel attack.

However today I will accuse though until yesterday we did not accuse anyone. So after more than 30 days following the explosion in Bir Abed, and following the rockets and road bombs I will make accusations because we have gathered our information. To be fair the Intelligence Directorate arrested some persons based on its own indications and not on data we provided it with. It arrested some persons and interrogated with them and they admitted these indications which corresponded with our data thus we reached a clear scene.
Today I will tell you frankly and step by step that those who installed the two explosive devices on Hermel Road are known in their names and one of them is arrested. Indeed some of what I will mention was said in the statement issued by the National Defense Minister. I also thank the Defense Minister for this statement and these clarifications which express great courage, national responsibility and a great sense of responsibility and boldness. It is supposed that people have listened to this statement very well. Let those who haven't, listen to it, read it and scrutinize it.

One member in the group which installed the two bombs on Hermel Road was arrested by the Army Intelligence. He acknowledged the names of the other members in the group. He also admitted – this two was mentioned in the statement issued by the Defense Minister today – about the group who killed the four men in the Jroud region there. He is also one of the killers. I mean the two oppressed martyrs from Jaafar family and the oppressed martyr from Amhaz family. The fourth martyr is Turkish but he is one of our people after all. We are one people. So the killers of these four men are now known. Here I would like to say a word in parentheses to Jaafar family and Amhaz family. Well though I am talking from Beirut to Aita but it is supposed that they are listening in Baalbeck.

So those who installed the bomb in Majdal Anjjar are known by name. Those who launched the rockets on Dahiyeh are known by name. Those who installed the explosion in Bir Abed on July 9 are known by name. I want to be cautious and say things are known 99.99%. So I want to keep 0.1% as a precaution.

Well, who are these? Have investigations and interrogations shown that they are agents to Israel?

No! That might be proved later on. I mean I do not deny this assumption that they are collaborators to Israel. That's because Israel employs all people. It has no problem in doing that. However what has been proven decisively is that they belong to specific Takfiri groups. They are known by their names. Those who employ them, support them, and run them are known. That has been known by now. The statement of the Defense Minister mentioned some of the names. Some of the names were not mentioned. Some of them were arrested; others were not arrested. As for their nationalities, some are Lebanese unfortunately; some are Syrians unfortunately; some are Palestinians unfortunately.

Takfiri sheikh Ahamd al-Assir is leader of the U.S./Israeli-backed Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Lebanon. In July a video surfaced online, showing him beating up a Lebanese man taken prisoner with his rifle. He is currently on the lam from the Lebanese military after his group launched a deadly attack on an army post, killing 20 soldiers and injuring a number of others. Also see: Takfiri ideology divides Muslims in US, Israel favor: Analyst

Well, as for yesterday's explosion, all indications, data, and traces lead to these very groups. These indications and data were available for the Lebanese security apparatuses. They furnished us with these indications and information on definite places and definite names for definite people who are preparing booby trapped cars in large quantities to send them to Dahiyeh in particular. Thus we took all these measures and disturbed people. We got down to the streets openly and erected cross points. Some started philosophizing on us about auto security. But our information and the information of the official Lebanese security apparatuses that some would dispatch booby trapped cars in days to Dahiyeh.

Indeed, they did what they could do and we in our turn did what we could do, and still the explosion took place yesterday. I do not want to be decisive and say that the Takfiri groups hold responsibility for yesterday's explosion, however I will tell you that this is the most probable assumption according to the data, indications, and all what is available to us. Let's not hide behind our fingers. Now do these Takfiri groups work for Israel? Indeed they do. So let no one say that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah found Israel guiltless. No! At times Israel employs networks and groups. At other times they employ entire groups. No doubt the US, Israel, and some regional intelligence agencies have indeed penetrated some of these groups. There is no doubt too that they directly work for the interest of Israel. However, the executive sides are these Takfiri groups.

On July 26, 2013 FUS/Israeli-backed Takfiri terrorists in Syria executed 51 civilians in Khan al-Assal, a strategic town close to the northern city of Aleppo. The victims were all shot in the head.

Well this is as far as accusation is concerned. Now what are we to do in the future? Well, the assumption of a suicide bomber is still debatable; however, we want to see the result those who work technically on the group would reach. However, this was circulated by media outlets. We can't deny the assumption of a suicide bomber up to this very moment. Well it is final that it is a car loaded with more than 100 kilograms of TNT. But it is not clear so far whether it is a suicide bomber or not. That is supposed to be revealed by the investigation. What is required now? Here let's talk with responsibility. There is a national goal which we must all put before our eyes. It was today discussed by the Supreme Defense Council in Baabda. This national goal is how to prevent such terrorist aggressions and massacres. That's because the perpetrators installed the explosives yesterday in Dahiyeh and installed them on July 9 in Dahiyeh.

But where would they install them later? If the perpetrator is Israel, Israel does not differentiate between Dahiyeh and other regions and between the people of Dahiyeh and the people of other regions. Also if the Takfiri groups are the perpetrators, that too does not differ to them and I will go back to this point later with names. Brothers and sisters! These Takfiri groups kill Muslims; they kill Shiites; they kill Muslims as well as Christians. They explode mosques as well as churches. They send suicide bombers to Sunnite mosques as well as Shiite mosques. See Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia among the many examples increasing with time.

So if some suppose that these Takfiri groups have put the booby trapped car in Dahiyeh, then they will not put cars except in Shiite regions, they are mistaken and misled and hiding behind their fingers.

So there is a national goal which says how we as Lebanese are supposed to work all together to prevent these massacres and terrorist aggressions which afflicted Dahiyeh today and might afflict any other region in Lebanon. This is not a security incident. This is not an assassination. Here we must raise the level of responsibility and I want to be clear and frank. The situation could be controlled following the first bomb. The situation could be controlled following yesterday's bomb. However we do not know.

"We must comprehend the threat Lebanon is confronting. Whoever believes or considers that this threat is against one sect or part or group is mistaken or misled. Those who are destroying the region took a decision now to destroy Lebanon. These are some of the preludes. That's how we must approach the latest events."
Here I am addressing the Lebanese officials, the Lebanese politicians, the leaderships of the army and the security apparatuses, all the Lebanese people, and all the religious authorities: Should the explosions carry on, Lebanon would be at the verge of the abyss whether we liked it or not. We must act with responsibility on this level. We must comprehend the threat Lebanon is confronting. Whoever believes or considers that this threat is against one sect or part or group is mistaken or misled. Those who are destroying the region took a decision now to destroy Lebanon. These are some of the preludes. That's how we must approach the latest events. So to achieve this goal what measures must we undertake? This needs cooperation. That is first the responsibility of the state as well as the responsibility of the military and security state apparatuses. People too must be cooperative. People in all regions and the political forces in all regions and places must cooperate with the state bodies.

So we must work on two levels. What I am talking about is not of our invention as they say. This is adopted all around the world. On the first level, there are the precautionary measures: cross points and inspections and measures and searching for possibilities for working here and there. The precautionary security measures are known. This is standard all around the world. That does not vary from one school and another. There are modern and developed experiences today.
  • The state and its apparatuses are responsible for taking these measures. However I will tell you frankly and with every sense of responsibility. This first line is not enough. No one in Lebanon, no president, no minister, no army leader, no general manager, no party, no movement and no organization can say that these precautionary measures are enough to prevent booby trapped cars or suicide attacks. Yes, they lessen and limit them and their harm. However, they do not prevent them absolutely. This is true around the world and in the most secure states. Precautionary measures are not enough and they do not solve the problem.

  • Thus there is the second requirement which if is not more important it equates with the first requirement in importance. It is working at revealing these groups, besieging them, dismantling them, and putting them down. That's what they do around the world. This is also standard. People do not sit down and wait. There are cross points, security measures, and searching. When would the booby trapped car come towards us? When would the suicide bomber come? The security sides must search: Who is the suicide bomber? Who are the groups which are preparing and sending booby trapped cars? Then they would arrest them and prevent the dispatch of the booby trapped car and the suicide bomber. This is how terrorism is fought around the world.
Then the second line is required. Indeed this requires great efforts by everyone whether security, technical, popular and political. In this framework, when we talk about the required cooperation, we also talk about the importance of not covering these groups and protecting them politically and security and not to defend them, acquit them, or be tolerant with them. This is not for us or for the sake of Dahiyeh. It is for the sake of Lebanon. It's because these groups want to take Lebanon towards destruction and the Lebanese people towards a civil war.

You have to prevent taking Lebanon towards a civil war, and this is the path for that.

"Avoid sectarian and factional provocations, and do not be content with condemning the massacre when it takes place. This is required in the general framework for direct confrontation and to achieve this goal."
In this framework, it is required to stop sectarian and factional provocation. There is a political struggle between us; keep it political then. Let's talk politics. Let's attack each other politically. In fact, the call for appeasement and truce did not work out. Some people won't receive their salaries if such a truce and appeasement took place. If they did not insult and abuse on TV screens and if they did not write articles of abuse in newspapers they will not receive their salaries. Well, receive your salaries but make political abuses and let leave of the story of Shiite, Sunnite, sects, and factions. Avoid sectarian and factional provocations, and do not be content with condemning the massacre when it takes place. This is required in the general framework for direct confrontation and to achieve this goal.

There is something required still from the people. I mean I still have one word to the people and one word to the killers.

I have a word to the people especially those who were afflicted yesterday and their families. Now all of these regions are living this threat and confronting this threat. We know your patience and your bravery. We know your insight and your loyalty. These are not emotional words. We have lived this for decades. The greatest trial was in July War which took place on like these very days. Recall the reaction of the people during the war and following the war when they returned and found their houses, wealth, fields, stores, and markets demolished. This is the experience we shared in the toughest and hardest ordeals. They want to harm your determination, your will, your faith, your loyalty, and your commitment to the resistance. We are all certain of your faith, loyalty, commitment, patience, and readiness to offer sacrifices. Thus this goal will fail. You have frustrated it. You have always frustrated it, and you will frustrate it in the future too. I am not worried on the people's faithfulness, patience, will, determination, commitment, and adherence to the resistance. That's because the adherence of these people to the resistance following July War was stronger and tighter than in any time in the past. These are the people as we know them.

The goals of these killers and those who stand behind these killers cause us to worry. It is dragging you to unexpected emotional reactions which might lead to sedition and devastating the country. This is what we must be aware of.

So far things are fine. So far people are tolerating their wounds, pains, grieves, and agonies, and we will remain integrated. However, what will they say?

Now let's recall the names. Allow me to talk frankly. They are two Lebanese, a Syrian, and a Palestinian. According to their sectarian belonging, it was revealed that they are from the honorable Sunnite sect. Some will come and tell you that the Sunnites shelled rockets on you in Dahiyeh. The Sunnites installed the explosives on the roads. The Sunnites send booby trapped cars for you in Dahiyeh. The Sunnites perpetrated yesterday's massacre. Everyone who talks in this logic is Israeli. He is an accomplice to the killer in achieving the goals of killing and massacres. I say they are not Sunnite and I am responsible for what I say. These people do have no religion, no sect, no nation, and no people. They are not Syrians, Palestinians, Arab, Muslims or Sunnites. They are killers. They are mere killers. They have killed more Sunnites than Shiites as I have said in many speeches. They have killed more Sunnites than Christians. If you want I can provide you with facts and figures. They have killed more Sunnite scholars than Shiite scholars.

Thus we have one demand from our people in Lebanon and especially Shiites though in yesterday's explosion at least there is a Palestinian martyr in the primary records. There are people wounded from the Sunnite sect. In that region there are Sunnites. There are Sunnite martyrs, Sunnite wounded, Palestinian martyrs, and Syrian wounded. Let no one tell you that in yesterday's explosion the Syrians killed you and thus make you take a reaction against the Syrians who were displaced to this country with their families, women, and children.

Let no one tell you the Palestinians did it. Some people are seeking to cause a conflict with the refugee camps and the neighborhood of the camps. Thus the Lebanese would get engaged in conflicts with the Palestinians or would be dragged into a conflict with the Palestinians. No, such a Palestinian does not care for Palestine. That Syrian does not care for Syria. This Lebanese does not care for Lebanon. They are a Takfiri group whose hearts, sights, and insights are blind. These killers are owners of a destructive project in the entire region and not only in Lebanon. See what is taking place in the region. They do not have any other project. They do not have any program or speech except that of destruction and killing. Here I will be decisive. this is true even in Iraq and the brethrens in Iraq talk whenever they wish as they have sure and clear indications which western, Arab, and Israeli intelligence apparatuses manage this string of explosions and killing in Iraq. This will be made clear in Lebanon too.

Thus allow us not to fall in the trap. There the blood of the martyrs would be lost. Allah Al Mighty tells us: No one would bear the burden of another. Allah Al Mighty tells us too: Ordeal is tougher than killing. Thus allow us not to fall in sedition. Let's not attack the innocent. Let's not make the innocent assume responsibilities of acts they did not partake in. This is a very great responsibility. That requires awareness, patience, wisdom, and tolerance. Let no one drag us and you to such places.

Relatives carry the coffins of martyred Mohammad Karame Jaafar and Hussein Ali Jaafar during their funeral procession in al-Qasr, Monday, June 17, 2013. It was in al-Qasr that the Syrian military victory stunned those western countries and Israel who work to overthrow the Assad government.  (The Daily Star/Stringer)

That's what I wanted to tell you between parentheses. That's what I wanted to tell our brethrens from Jaafar family and Amhaz family. I tell them that it is known by now who killed your children in Jroud. One of them is arrested by the Lebanese state and he admitted about the other killers. Thus you are not allowed to hold others responsible for their blood at a time they are innocent and at a time the investigation did not show they are accomplice in the killing. Thus the highest degree of responsibility and self-restraint must be practiced. That's because any irresponsible or illegitimate conduct made by anyone belonging to whatever family, tribe or village in the northern Bekaa would lead to serious and bloody repercussions. My call for the people today is to show awareness, patience, insight, and tolerance and to send a clear message. As our message that bombing and killing will not harm our will is clear, our message that killing and bombing will not lead us to fall in the trap of ordeal must be clear too.

"As for the killers I tell them: If you work for the Israelis directly never mind. We had revealed you and we will reveal you. There is a state, and it is demanded that it arrests you, try you and sue you. Under all circumstances, our hands will reach you. Should the state ignore you, our hands will reach you."
However, indeed I tell you again that this is not our responsibility alone. It is the responsibility of everyone in Lebanon. That's because I will say again and again – as I do not like to lie on anyone – if things carried on as such, things will reach the verge of the abyss and would get out of everyone's control.
As for the killers I tell them: If you work for the Israelis directly never mind. We had revealed you and we will reveal you. There is a state, and it is demanded that it arrests you, try you and sue you. Under all circumstances, our hands will reach you. Should the state ignore you, our hands will reach you.
We are not an alternative to the state in defending Lebanon or in security. However, in any stage or field the state does not assume its responsibility, we will assume the responsibility. I do not show courtesy to anyone. Whoever wants to object let him do so.

Here too I will be transparent. If you claim that you are defending the Syrian people by punishing Hezbollah for intervening in Syria, I will say two points. Do you want me to be more frank? This is one of the assumptions and analyses. The two points are:

First: You – the Takfiri groups – are killing more of the Syrian people – not only those loyal to the regime but also those against the regime. You kidnap and kill the Christian scholars who are with you and who support the resistance. You are exploding mosques. You are killing children. You are sending booby trapped cars to the Syrian cities. You who claim you are defending the Syrian people are killing more of the Syrian people. This is first.

Second: As for us, I will also talk with transparency and frankness. We have partaken in limited places and in a limited way at the level of fighting in Syria. It is for the first time that I will talk with such clarity. We fight with values and controls. We did not kill one wounded; you have killed many wounded. We did not kill one captive; you line the captives on the wall before cameras and open fire on them in daylight. We did not kill civilians. In some of our battles and to avoid killing civilians, we lost more martyrs. In fact, all what has been said all through the previous months and is said on Arab satellite outlets to the effect that we have shelled, killed, and perpetrated massacres are mere lies and falsehood.

Anyway, give me two or three minutes more. Perhaps some brethrens will tell me why not to say things in their names. No, I want to name things today. Al Jazira Channel and Al Arabiya Channel used to agree over Syria, Iraq, Iran, and us in Lebanon. The Arab world used to accept what Al Arabiya and Al Jazira used to say.

Now following the division in Egypt, Tunisia, and in more than one Arab country, Al Jazira came to be with one group of people while Al Arabiya came to be with another group. I do not want to evaluate this incident. I want to talk from a media perspective. Watch the two sides. These talk against these. The data are totally contradictory. Here they say 4000 are killed and there they say 50 are killed. Here they say so and so was killed; there they say he is still alive. Whom are you to believe?

Now the division is certain in the Arab world. Some people still listen to Al Jazira and insult Al Arabiya; others listen to Al Arabiya and insult Al Jazira. Why do you listen to them?

Why don't those who oppose Al Arabiya or Al Jazira in Egypt accept their news about Egypt and accept the news about Damascus? Though the freedom of press is open, however, unfortunately the level of the Arab press has descended especially in recent years. So they are not lies or reporting false news; rather they are fabricated lies.

We in Hezbollah on Doom's Day will stand before Allah Al Mighty for the whole world to see. The whole world will know that we did not fight except the armed Takfiri groups.
That's the whole story.

Let's return to our topic. Anyway, you are not defending the Syrian people. However, if you believe that by killing our women, children, innocent and by demolishing our neighborhoods, towns, and cities, we may abandon our vision, insight, or any stance we took, you are mistaken. O fool! See our experience over 30 years with Israel. You are mistaken.

Here I am telling you: Our response to this kind of bombing is as follows. We will be transparent too. If we have 100 fighters in Syria, they will be 200. If we have 1000 fighters in Syria, they will be 2000. If we have 5000 fighters in Syria, they will be 10000. You are mistaken. You are hitting in the wrong place.
If this battle with these Takfiri terrorists require that I myself and all of Hezbollah go to Syria, we will go to Syria. We will go to Syria as we did for the sake of Syria and its people, and for the sake of Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. By God we will do so for the sake of all of the Lebanese – Muslims and Christians alike – as well as for the sake of Palestine and Al Qods and the central cause.

Let no one assume that in case they opened a battle with us that they put a decisive end to the battle. It's we who will put a decisive end to the battle. It is we who set the time for the end of the battle. In May 25, we fired the last bullet. In the Grapes of Wrath in 1996, we fired the last bullet. On August 14, 2006, we fired the last bullet.

As we gained victory in all our wars with Israel, we will win in our battle against this destructive Takfiri terrorism Inshallah if you wanted to thrust us in this battle with you. That's what I tell all the Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians and I am sure of that.

Yes, this battle will cost us much. However it will be less costly than we being slaughtered as sheep or less costly than waiting for the killers and criminals to come to the middle of our houses. Indeed, it will be less costly. In every battle, we defend our dignity, pride, honor, blood and existence. We – men and women – are in this battle. Our children are men in this battle. No killing or blood will dissuade us. We are the owners of this saying: "The victory of blood over the sword" from the depth of history.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: Sent by electronic mail to Axis of Logic by Zeinab Al-Saffar Socio-Political Talk Show (The Inside) Host, Editor & Producer of the AL-Mayadeen network (produced in Arabic)

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