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Why North Korea will rule the world Printer friendly page Print This
By Kindergartener children in Chongjin City North Korea.
You Tube
Friday, Aug 30, 2013

Ed. Note: The YouTube user who uploaded this video calls their performance "Creepy as hell" - apparently someone who has no idea about what discipline and good training can accomplish in little children who learn to love music. It's also interesting to see some of the comments that follow the video on YouTube such as, "WeGotTehpie" (his name is telling which he is apparently unable to spell). He responds,

"There is a difference between having self discipline and dedication and being forced to play an instrument.

"In and of itself is it impressive? Sure. But not as impressive as someone learning to play an instrument out of their own free will and attaining a high level of proficiency through their own dedication and means. Those kids are no different from cattle. I would rather have 99 fat kids and 1 kid that learned how to play than 100 kids that can play but we forced into it.

Hmmm, "No different than cattle... "forced to do it?"
One can see the satisfaction and pleasure in their faces - ahh, or maybe they've been "forced to smile" as well. :-) What kind of a mind thinks like this? To other YouTube videos of these wonderful children, many find cause to attack the North Korean government. Go figure. But then there is Caleb Rodgers who writes, " Or can we all be honest and admit that we've all been out played by 6 year old Asian kids?"
- Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic

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