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Superemos: Some inspiring news in a world full of troubles Printer friendly page Print This
By Superemos, introduction by Les Blough
Sunday, Jul 19, 2015

The following video was produced by my very good and long time friend, Stephen Sefton, along with David McKnight in Estile, Nicaragua.

Stephen narrates the video, explaining the exemplary work of Superemos, a nonprofit multi-service foundation providing free programs in education and training, health care, social services, and agriculture in Northern Nicaragua.

Stephen is one of the founders of
Superemos, and also a member of the information collectives Sandino Vive which produces the bimonthly magazine "Revista Correo". He also contributes to and edits Tortilla con Sal, a Nicaraguan-based website with whom Axis of Logic has collaborated and cross-published articles over the years.

We invite you to learn about and enjoy this video of the inspiring work of Superemos. We also encourage you to financially support their outstanding work by going to Superemos: How to Help".  

- Les Blough, Editor
Axis of Logic
in Venezuela

Here are some useful links - we encourage you to check them out:


Superemos - How to Help

Tortilla con Sal

Revista Correo

Sandino Vive

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