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Saudi Arabia: The New Israel Printer friendly page Print This
By Ghali Hassan, Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Monday, Mar 14, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s criminal aggression in the region provides the Israeli regime with the best cover it can ask for. “Before you [Europe] criticise us for bombing Palestinians in Gaza, look what the Saudis are doing in Yemen”, said an Israeli regime official. Saudis should be ashamed of their Israel-like aggression against the people of Yemen.

It is clear now, Saudi Arabia is copying Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians for its ongoing aggression against the defenceless people of Yemen in flagrant violation of international humanitarian and Islamic laws.

The world’s largest buyer of Western-made armaments is committing war crimes by deliberately and indiscriminately attacking civilians and destroying Yemeni vital civilian infrastructures, including schools hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, roads and drinking water. Saudi air force – guided by U.S. and British Special Forces guided – has systematically bombed Yemen’s civilian infrastructure in broad daylight. A recent UN report to the Security Council revealed that the Saudi regime have: “conducted airstrikes targeting civilians and civilian objects … including camps for internally displaced persons and refugees; civilian gatherings, including weddings; civilian vehicles, including buses; civilian residential areas; medical facilities; schools; mosques; markets, factories and food storage warehouses; and other essential civilian infrastructure, such as the airport in Sanaa, the port in Hodeida and domestic transit routes.”

According to United Nations figures, more than 8000 Yemenis have been killed. A recent report by UNICEF reveals that more than 537,000 children facing malnutrition, imminent famine and death. More than 500,000 Yemeni children are on the verge of starvation enforced by the Saudi regime. The Saudi aggression against the people of Yemen is supported by daily deliveries of U.S., British, French and Israeli weapons and ammunition, including cluster bombs and on the ground military advisors in flagrant violation of international law.

In October 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) condemned the bombing of a Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) supported hospital in Saada province in northern Yemen As a consequence of this deliberate aggression more than 200.000 people were left without medical care. "People do not dare to go to hospitals because they are afraid that they are targeted and, even if they want to go they may not have the means – even where public transport does exist, it is very expensive because of the fuel problems", said a statement by MSF. More than 3 million Yemenis have become internally displaced persons and are in need of shelters.

Furthermore, in violation of The Hague Convention, one of the humanity’s oldest civilisations did not escape Saudi terror and war crimes. According to Amt al-Rzaq Jhaf, the undersecretary of the General Authority to Maintain Historic Site: “The [Saudi] coalition airstrikes destroyed 52 archaeological sites, notably Asaad al-Kamal cave in Ibb province, the Cairo Citadel in Taiz province, Awam Temple, the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of Bran, Baraqish graveyard, the Great Dam of Marib and the historical walls of the city of Saada.” For more than 18 centuries, Kawkaban fortified citadel north of the Capital Sanaa, has managed to preserve its strength and beauty, only to be attacked and destroyed by Saudi terrorists on 14 February 2016, added Ahmed Alwly. (Al-Monitor, 06 March 2016).

Despite the regime’s brutality and despotic rule, Western politicians and the Zionist-controlled media love Saudi Arabia, but they hate Islam and Muslims even more. Saudi Arabia distorts the true teaching and image of Islam as a way of life – true Islam has been hijacked by Saudi Wahhabism.  Saudi Arabia is used by Western political and media establishments not only to serve their Anglo-Zionist interests, but also as an example to demonise Islam, Arabs and Muslims in general, because people (Westerners in particular) see Muslims and Arabs, in particular,  through Saudi Arabia’s extremism. In other word, Saudi Arabia validate Western distorted perception of Islam and anti-Muslim false propaganda. It is not Islam; it is Saudis’ own making. (For more on this, see: Marko Marjanovich). As a proxy U.S. vassal, no other country in the world can match Saudi Arabia’s service to AngloZionist interests.

It is ironic that, Saudi Arabia – with Western collusions – was “elected” chair of the UN Human Rights Council. It is clear that, “democracy” and “human rights” are empty words regurgitated by Western leaders to manipulate Western public and justify wars. It is also ironic that North Korea (DPRK) is called a “brutal regime” by Western leaders, while Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey are called “democratic” nations. When it comes to abuses of human rights and international law, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey hold the world’s worst records.

Furthermore, there is something seriously wrong with Western “democracy” and hypocrisy when the French regime of Francois Holland awarded the Legion d'Honneur (France’s highest honour) on one member of the Saudi regime for its “efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism”. It is safe to say that the U.S. and its Western allies have a deep love affair with murderous dictators and brutal regimes that they are arming and financing.

Throughout history, the U.S. (and its allies) stood “shoulder to shoulder” with the world’s most vicious dictators and murderous regimes. The world’s worst despots, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey are a case in point.

If Western regimes are truly concerned about the Syrian people (and refugees fleeing Western-sponsored terrorism) why they are not concern about the people of Yemen? The answer is simple: the Syrian people are fighting Western-sponsored terrorists, the people of Yemen are resisting Western-sponsored Saudi terror. The aim of the Saudis is linked to Western interest of controlling oil. Since 2006, the Saudi regime – with U.S. pressure – have been intimidating and coercing successive Yemeni government to allow the Saudi regime to construct oil pipelines to transport Saudi oils from oil fields in the Gulf to Port Eden in southern Yemen. It is evident that the U.S., Israel, Britain and other European states are deeply involved in the (Saudi-led) war of aggression on Yemen.

It is important to remember that Saudi Arabia has a treacherous history of conspiring with the U.S., Israel and other despots in the region against Arab nations. Saudi Arabia, the new Israel, is not shy of collaborating with the Zionist regime (and terror network like the C.I.A., ISIS and al-Qaeda) in its war against the people of Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria and Yemen. The Saudi regime collaborated with the Israeli regime and is unmindful of Israel’s war crimes, crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. The two artificial regimes have collaborated against Arab nations from the day of their inceptions. Saudi Arabia’s criminal record is too long to describe here.

In addition to its ongoing aggression against Yemen, on 13 February 2016, Saudi Arabia deployed its warplanes to Turkey ostensibly to help the Turks in their desire to invade Syria, on the pretext of “fighting ISIS” terrorists.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia has “Special Forces” that will be used in a joint ground operation with the Turks, waiting for green light from Washington.

This sounds like satire, but it is not. How can Saudi Arabia be anti-ISIS terrorists when Saudi leaders and other Gulf despots (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, etc.) have been financing and arming the terrorists for years? In fact, ISIS terrorists have been claiming responsibility for horrendous terrorist acts in Yemen.

Together with Turkey, a gangster state ruled by the Erdogan’s militia and the Turkish Mafia, Saudi Arabia is contemplating invading Syria with U.S.-Israel’s support. The Saudi regime has reportedly prepared 150,000 troops in what the Saudis described as the largest since the 1991 U.S. aggression against Iraq. Furthermore, on 05 March 2016, the Saudi regime have moved 4 F-15S fighter jets to the Incirlik air base in Turkey. The aim of the aggression will be, not to fight ISIS terrorists, but to defend them from the combined Russian air force and the Syrian Arab Army attacks and break-up Syria. They are waiting for U.S.-NATO military enforcements. They can’t do it on their own. Of course, any aggression against Syria will be in flagrant violation of international law. It will be a war crime to advance Israel’s Zionist agenda.

The war on Syria is benefiting the Turkish regime enormously. The Erdogan’s regime is “weaponising” the refugees not only to make a kill ($6.6 billion from the EU), but also using the refugees as political bargain chips. EU leaders who are concerned about refugees should stop financing and supporting terrorism and illegal wars. Moreover, instead of financing Erdogan’s addiction to crimes, EU leaders should put pressure on the Erdogan to stop recruiting terrorists and sporting terrorism. Sadly, the European public seem oblivious. It takes lots of ignorance to protest against refugees while ignoring (and even supporting) the wars that caused people to flee.

Finally, in order to please Israel and the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Sheikhdom regimes have just declared the legitimate Lebanese Resistance Movement and Political Party, Hezbollah, a “terrorist” organisation. A statement by the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said: “In a step that is in line with Israeli policy, the GCC [the Saudi-led Gulf Sheikhdoms] issued a decision classifying Hezbollah a terrorist organization because it is confronting the Zionist project in the region and the Israeli enemy through its great sacrifices which have resonated across the Arab and Muslim nations.”

We all know that, the Saudi regime and its allies do not consider ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists and without their (finance and arms) support, ISIS wouldn’t exist today.

Saudi Arabia’s political leaders should be utterly ashamed for their aggression in Yemen, and their despicable rhetoric to invade Syria. Like the people of Yemen, the people of Syria despise Saudi leaders more than they despise Israeli leaders. If Saudi leaders and their bribed and coerced (Arab and non-Arab) allies have the slightest courage and concerns – they never had – for “human rights” and “democracy” in the region, they should liberate Palestine from the Zionist occupiers and clean their own backyard. These illegitimate regimes have been proven to be nothing but AngloZionist stooges.

Like the Israeli regime, the Saudi regime have committed and continues to commit war crimes against the Arab people of the region. The ongoing Saudi aggression against the people of Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s role criminal in arming and financing terrorists in Syria are crimes of aggression and should be condemned.

The people of the Middle East do not need a new Israel.


Ghali Hassan is an independent researcher and writer living in Australia.

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