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It was 75 years ago today Printer friendly page Print This
By Bob Dylan
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Where does one even begin to select a single song? But in honour of Bob Dylan's 75th birthday today, I wanted to try.

Dylan was involved in a motorcycle accident in July 1966. Although he did fracture at least one vertebra, his injuries were not severe and he convalesced in only a few weeks. But he took the forced downtime as a cue for an extended break. At the time, he was riding high on the success of 'Like A Rolling Stone' and his life's pace was feverish.

But he didn't stay quiet. He spent some months with The Band at Big Pink and recorded the hundred or so songs now known as The Basement Tapes. And he did join George Harrison on stage for the Concert for Bangladesh.

He did not release another commercial recording until December 1967, 'John Wesley Hardin'. It was his eighth studio album and is said to have been recorded in about 12 hours. It is certainly spare and marks Dylan's return to acoustic music after several electrified ventures.

I have admired this album for a long time - more than any other - and have chosen a song that I think has good applicability to the times in which we live.

But then I chose three others because, well, because ...

- prh, ed.

I Pity The Poor Immigrant

Talkin' World War III Blues

One too many mornings

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

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