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Cultures differ, but people are the same everywhere ... Printer friendly page Print This
By Unknown. Don't know whose photos they are either.
Monday, Jun 6, 2016

For some, these people are targets or acceptable collateral damage. To everyone else, they are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbours. And they all know to fear white Westerners ...

Russian Boyars

Tibetan Children

Indian Rajasthan Family

New Zealand Maori Woman

Turkish Bride

Jewish man

Nigerian Hausa Man

Tuareg Woman

Scottish Jabobite

Jamaican Rastafarian

Icelandic Woman

Mayan Dancer

Shoshone Jingle Dress Dancer

South African Zulu Woman

Tibetan Woman

Indonesian Dayak Tribesman

Kenyan Samburu Tribesman

Mongolian Rider

Apache Woman

Vietnamese Woman

Afghan Refugee in Baluchistan, Pakistan

Papua New Guinea Goroka Man

Paraguayan Gaucho

Sri Lankan Fishermen

Tanzanian Maasai Man

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