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A New Work from Our Resident Poet: Musings With The Golden Sparrow Printer friendly page Print This
By Mankh (Walter E. Harris III), Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Sunday, Jul 3, 2016

Excerpts from Musings With The Golden Sparrow, a new book written in a genre-bending style of poetic-nonfiction by Mankh (Walter E. Harris III).

Gazing into the bay into the Father Sky one day a sparrow
lifting into Brother Wind the colors of the Light-Beings
shimmering golden lightly impressing rays upon and into its
feathers . . . Sister Waters swishing . . . whispering . . .
‘golden sparrow’ . . . the sounds the words lifting from the
bay and from the wings above the waters to this traveler’s
ears . . . the whispering breathing new life into the Musings
. . . stirring the pot the tea steeping coffee brewing . . .
stories unfolding . . .

Breath is a direct route to Spirit. To be inspired is to breathe-in Spirit. When you breathe-in Spirit then you are able to inspire others. To expire means the spirit goes somewhere else.

The Empire, the System tries to take away The People’s
spirits by affecting their breathing. Air pollution is one way.
Fear is another because when fear is pumped into the air
(Global War OF Terror) it increases the chances of more
people being affected, thus not breathing as deeply, thus less
connected with Spirit.
Somewhere we took a wrong turn and by “we” i mean the
collective of Human-Beings involved because all became
affected though it was only some that initiated the wrong
turn. Humanity has many such ‘turns’ labeled genocides and
holocausts, where trauma took its heavy toll and we all got
‘rubbed the wrong way’ some more directly than others and
the Land Air Water and All The Relations got ‘rubbed the
wrong way’ e.g. the atom bomb, nowadays polluted rivers,
tainted soil and barely breathable air the proofs of the
putting ourselves first, the Empires always trying to erase
the memory, the roots of the Tree to your family and friends
your true identity, Israeli settlements wiping out Palestinian
memories with the renaming of places, the misplacing of
history, and cultural destructive construction of façades and
“Over 700,000 olive and orange trees destroyed by the
Israelis. . . . a state that claims to practice conservation of
the environment” you can read about it and more of the
memoricide or watch a talk online, Ilan Pappé’s book, The
Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and he’s an Israeli; Bamiyan
Valley’s giant Buddha statues blown to bits by the Taliban;
Iraq’s antiquities destroyed and of course the genocide of
their peoples from economic warfare sanctions by the slick
Willy Clinton administration and off to the Bush league wars...

To look at world affairs, specifically what’s called geopolitics,
through the lens of Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist
Carl Jung is to give a fresh perspective/better understanding.
But first, the phrase “geo-politics” is used in a modern vernacular sense, yet earth-politics is a contradiction of terms. Politics from Greek root akin to Police, from The State, The City and thus Citizen. But where’s the Citi-Zen or Country-Zen?

The State’s aim is to control the citizens — and cities are the
most populated and disconnected from Earth energies, yet
many wonderful things happen there as people are people.
Geo-politics are typically devoid of respect for the Earth
and what Native Peoples call, All The Relations or All My
Relations. Geo-politics attempts to use politics so as to
control the Earth energies via mining, extraction, distribution;
control of financial flows; they’ve built dams which
typically block Sister Waters’ natural flow an essential part
of communities and their connections with the Natural

Ley lines, sacred sites, connecting flows, Geo-Relations,
Earth-Relations . . .

… one of the translated phrases for this Era of
Awakening that began circa 2012 is from the Incans, the
“Age of Meeting Ourselves Again” . . . which implies we once
knew ourselves but have forgotten or lost track. Alan Watts,
the wonderful conveyor of translating Eastern philosophies
to the West, made a CD titled, Myself: A Case of Mistaken
Identity. Much of self-discovery is a serious game of hide-
and-seek and much of what happens in society is a masquerade party. The taking on of an earthly garment is fraught with forget-fullness and it requires a highly conscious culture to instill at early ages a child’s unfolding of his/her purpose, especially in the face of the faceless programming of Empire’s egoic-institutions which specialize in Divide&Rule
rather than making whole, which specialize in Not-Seeing
what is true, rather than looking within and to elders for
answers and seeing the light in other People which includes
birds, flowers, and anything that makes a tune, “hear the
wind moan in the bright diamond sky” sings Bruce Cockburn
in his song “Child of the Wind.”

Winter walk to the bay the audible quiet atop a piling a gull
yawns and the bay water a wide glossy mouth shades of grey
blue silver with cloud refractions reflections the sky and
water perfectly imperfect mirrors of each other one time in
a men’s room -- during dinner with my dad at a restaurant --
in the men’s room a mirror on front and back walls seeing
myself seemingly endlessly multiple times like a Tibetan
deity with a multiple of heads and eyes and arms and hands
reminding itself of its multiple personalities faces even if
you’re one you’re many yet the many one, go figure, multiple
personality order is what’s needed to re-align the fragmented
selves too many running rampant talking heads bobblehead
personas without genuine personality news nerve centers
bars big-box stores with numberless TV screens what you
put in the mirror comes back at you

amid the vast serenity of glassy bay waters a gull on watch
yawns (perhaps because this traveler watching) yet the sky
and water always on, having all the time in the world . . .
and they don’t ever miss a beat


For more info and to purchase:

Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is an essayist and resident poet on Axis of Logic. In addition to his work as a writer, he is a small press publisher and Turtle Islander. His other recent books are “Drive-thru Theofascism & The Hero's Journey” and “Dear_______, poem-letters to friends and enemies. You can contact him via his literary website.

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