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Bill, Hillary, and the African Holocaust - Part I Printer friendly page Print This
By Jack Dresser
Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

Rwandan genocide orphans (image by License DMCA

"Who will you vote for?" people ask. "For the people of Syria," I say. "For the people of Iran, the people of Iraq, the people of Palestine, the people of Ukraine, the people of Afghanistan, and people throughout Africa. All the people who have no vote who are likely to suffer and die - like so many before them - from the careless, uninformed, and indifferent votes of Americans. It is my duty as a human being with American citizenship."

As a psychologist I know that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Thus, as future employers, we must carefully scrutinize the employment histories of political job applicants. Trump is a narcissistic blowhard regularly exposing a mind infused with racial and ethnic stereotypes, who has mastered the Mussolini jaw thrust and made a good living in real-estate deals catering to self-indulgence and wishful thinking. To my knowledge, he hasn't killed anybody. And he has long advocated cooperation rather than confrontation with Russia, for which he is being McCarthyized by the party that once despised McCarthy. He is, in the words of Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford, "a cartoon character fascist of your imagination" while, Ford continues, "Hillary is the real thing."

This characterization deserves the thorough scrutiny of American voters before November 8. The Clinton record, almost entirely hidden from public view, supports Ford's expanded description of Hillary as "a pathological warmonger who has participated in the murder of millions... the trigger-happy queen of chaos."

As a woman friend and Veterans for Peace member said, "Hillary has never seen a war she didn't like." I would add that she's never left an exploitable resource unexploited, or met a brutal dictator she couldn't do business with.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has written a horrifically detailed and meticulously documented account of the Clinton administration's proxy wars in Africa to wrest control of central Africa's vast mineral wealth from French/Belgian hegemony as its former colonial exploiters. His 500-page book, titled, "Decade of Death: Secret Wars and Genocide in Africa 1993-2003," includes 1,484 citations from 132 news sources. The intricate, carefully concealed machinations among the Clintons, their friends and business associates, US intelligence and Special Forces operatives, mercenary organizations, international mining companies, and psychopathic African warlords and dictators is an amazing web of greed, ruthlessness, deceit of the American public, and an estimated cumulative death count rivaling the Holocaust.

I've had lingering questions during and since the horrendous 100-day Rwandan genocide the summer of 1994 when a million Tutsis and Hutus were massacred (with only the massacres of Tutsis reported in the American press). At the time, I was incredulous and disturbed that we did not intervene to stop it. Later I recall a documentary film on the genocide including an interview with Canadian General Romeo Dallaire who commanded the UN peacekeeping force tasked with implementation oversight of the Arusha Accords, a Hutu-Tutsi ceasefire signed the previous summer. His limited troop strength of 2,500 was woefully inadequate and he requested an additional 8,000 troops for intervention.

But it was Clinton who intervened to block the intervention, insisting that the UN deny Dallaire's request, and moreover, that the UN force be withdrawn altogether. It was in fact reduced some 90%, scarcely enough to maintain a small sanctuary for people escaping the immediate carnage. Dallaire, confined to observer status by his rules of engagement with only a token military presence, was forced to helplessly witness the unspeakable - although his innocence has been questioned by evidence introduced at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Whatever Dallaire's presumed innocence, there is no such presumption for the Clintons.

In Bill's regretful 1998 address to the Rwandan people, he claimed that "People like me... did not fully appreciate the depth or the speed with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror." That was a flagrant lie. The world's most advanced intelligence network with spy satellites that could read license plates were unaware of a massive genocide with bodies stacking up on the streets in plain view below? It is also curious how the Tutsis invading from Uganda, presumably victims of the genocide, ended up with control of the country within three months.

 ... Continued in Part II on September 2

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