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Bill, Hillary, and the African Holocaust - Part II Printer friendly page Print This
By Jack Dresser
Friday, Sep 2, 2016

Rwandan Children (image by configmanager) License DMCA

Records declassified in 2004 reveal a deliberate U.S. refusal to identify the mass killings as "genocide" since that would have triggered an automatic "duty to prevent" under the Genocide Convention. Clinton had no intent to stop it. Tutsi commander Paul Kagame, who attended the U.S. Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, leading an invasion secretly supported by U.S.-supplied weapons and Special Forces, was Clinton's proxy warrior paving the road for U.S. economic exploitation, especially North American mining interests associated with Clinton and "friends of Bill."

Regional chaos ensued with Tutsi reprisals and subsequent ethnic cleansing of Hutus from not only Rwanda but several neighboring countries, supported by U.S. Mobile Training Teams in Uganda. Once in control of Rwanda, Clinton's proxy genocidaire Kagame repeatedly invaded neighboring Zaire leading to the First Congolese War in 1996 and the Second Congolese War in 1998. This continued for years throughout the Clinton administration and beyond. By 2013 the bloody scramble for Africa's immense mineral resources propelled into motion by the king and queen of chaos had consumed over 7 million lives in Rwanda and the DRC since 1994.

Hillary was fully involved, visiting Uganda in March 1997, for which occasion the U.S. Embassy pressured Kampala's government-owned New Vision newspaper to censor their story about a local U.S. spy station that might displease her by publicly exposing U.S. government complicity in the conflict raging across its western border. Her "goodwill tour of Africa" was just two months before French-backed Mobutu fell to U.S.-backed Kabila in the DRC and the official national language was changed from French to English, as U.S.-backed Kagame had earlier declared in Rwanda. This marked not the end of violence but the transfer of African hegemony between Western powers while millions of indigenous Africans remained traumatized, grieving and suffering refugees, largely locked out of the bounty produced by their own natural resources.

Rather than evoking normal horror, the wholesale bloodshed seems to have whetted Hillary's appetite. She displayed no normal reactions. The ordinary responses to horror involve shock, empathy with the victims, actions to end the cause, and efforts to alleviate the suffering. Knowing that she and her husband contributed to the horror, normal responses would include guilt, remorse and guilt-reducing mechanisms such as restorative actions. But Hillary has displayed no normal responses. For a psychologist, this has important diagnostic implications, strongly suggesting a psychopathic personality disorder.

In a likely unconscious self-image projection three years earlier, Hillary described gang "super-predators" with "no conscience, no empathy" whom society must "bring to heel." And a decade and a half later after Muammar Qaddafi's sodomy-by-bayonet murder, Hillary triumphantly and chillingly declared with visible satisfaction, ominously paraphrasing Julius Caesar, that "We came, we saw, he died!" It doesn't require an advanced psychology degree to recognize her as a psychologically abnormal and very dangerous woman who should never be allowed the keys to the Oval Office and Pentagon, not to mention the U.S. Treasury.

Hillary has pushed two presidents - husband Bill and Obama, both of whom were reportedly reluctant - and vigorously supported a third - Bush 43 - into illegal, unjustified and disastrous military attacks against Serbia, Iraq, Libya and, using proxy forces, Syria. Tufts University history professor Gary Leupp marvels at Hillary's unaccountable political insulation despite her relentless warmongering, and historian/journalist Webster Tarpley describes her as "The International Neocon Warmonger" in consistent support of corporate interests and war - the state-sponsored mass murder of other people's loved ones.

We of course don't see these actions on Hillary's job application, so voters will be well advised to check her many unlisted references. I believe it is our duty as American citizens to all those potential victims who have no vote to reject her application.

... See Part I on August 31

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