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Geopolitical Shift in Balance of Power looms in 2017 Printer friendly page Print This
By Arturo Rosales writes from Caracas – Axis of Logic Exclusive
Axis of Logic
Thursday, Jan 5, 2017

The following two videos will enlighten a lot of readers who are still perhaps confused about the war in Syria, the failed coup in Turkey, the economic sanctions and threats against Russia, the coup in Ukraine and the hint of a growing alliance in the Middle East to combat US and NATO interference in the region.

The last action taken by the US (specifically the now lame duck Obama) in this litany of provocation against Russia - after the democratic decision of the people of the Crimea to join Russia rather than the Ukraine - has been to expel 35 Russian diplomats from the US.

The reason given was that, according to US intelligence sources, Russia “hacked the US election” or more exactly the e-mails held by the Democrat National Convention (DNC) which could have somehow interfered with the US electoral process. Obama provocatively took action against Russia even though the final intelligence briefing and conclusions are not due to be revealed until this week. Expelling so many diplomats at once in peacetime did not even happen at the height of the Cold War.

Both the EU and US have imposed or are threatening to impose more economic sanctions on Russia; but Putin has refused to be goaded and will not take any tit-for-tat actions until President Trump takes office in the expectation that there will be a change in policy.

The timing of the expulsion of the Russian diplomats by the Obama regime was also curious. Just a day or so after Putin announced that Russia, in partnership with Turkey (a strategic member of NATO!!), had brokered a peace deal and truce between the Syrian government and the so-called rebels after the fall of Aleppo to Syrian military forces.

As an aside, readers might also wish to ask themselves what US personnel and Special Forces were doing in eastern Aleppo fighting alongside the “rebels” so often called “moderate” by Obama? The author always understood, at least from CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and the BBC that the US was fighting a War on Terror - not participating in it alongside the terrorists!

After the failed coup in Turkey last July, President Erdogan, who survived the coup, has purged the armed forces, police, civil servants and political enemies, all of whom he alleges were involved in the coup. Most of the generals purged from the Turkish armed forces were NATO friendly and according to the longer video attached to this article, the CIA and Mossad were instrumental in backing and even organizing the coup.

The coup failure led to Erdogan making “peace” with Putin after the downing of a Russian jet earlier this year. Now he is working with Putin to pacify Syria. Is Erdogan feeling the protective embrace of the Russian Bear after his life was endangered by the coup? Is he also moving more towards Russia as the EU has consistently denied Turkey’s access to join the EU after years of negotiations? Does this mean a withdrawal of Turkey from NATO in 2017?

The Real Reasons for the War on Syria

The answer to this question is the same as the reason for the war on Afghanistan.


The pipeline to bring gas from the Caspian Sea to ports in Pakistan is needed through Afghanistan and the ruling Taliban would not allow it. Therefore, they were overthrown by the US using Osama bin Laden as the pretext and Karzai was installed as president. “Coincidentally”, Karzai was an ex-executive of Unacol, the company earmarked to build this pipeline.

Parallel situations exist in Syria and Ukraine. It’s all about transporting oil and gas from Qatar to Europe via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. Russia has an alternate plan crossing Syria and now readers may understand why Qatar was funding the “rebels” against Assad in Syria.

It is similar in Ukraine. 80% of the gas that crosses Ukraine in pipelines comes from Russia and Belarus. Who is to control these pipelines? Russia, or a US puppet government in Ukraine?

Thus the war in Syria has little to do with religious extremism but more to do with the God of the US dollar and the profits of the oil and energy corporations needing to control oil reserves and pipelines to bring their product to market.

What stands in their way? Russia and Putin.

This section is clearly explained and elaborated in the shorter video.

Connecting the Dots

The failed coup last July against Erdogan has been the catalyst to bring Russia, Turkey and Iran together in an alliance that will eventually shut the US out of the Middle East. China is also a player in this geopolitical chess game since it receives most of its oil from Iran, is backing Russia in the Middle east conflict and is facing off with the US in the South China Sea over the disputed Spratly and Paracel Islands which it claims.

The US has continued with its policy of imposing economic sanctions on Iran and Russia as well as placing specific punitive duties on Chinese imports, such as steel, in an effort to break the will of these countries and bring them to heel.

The only reason the US can act like this is because the US dollar is the world’s reserve trading currency and because it has control over the international banking system that would not want to tread on the toes of US policy makers by dealing with “rogue governments”.

However, this leverage could soon be weakened as business could be conducted using a direct currency system, thus excluding the US dollar. Thus, trade could be yuan-ruble; ruble-rial; yuan- rial in the case of Russia, China and Iran. Result: the sanctions will not mean anything and there will be a definitive shift in power in the Eurasian-Middle East military and economic theater as these countries along with Turkey unite against the NATO threat.

As concluded in the longer video, the US dollar could be badly prejudiced or even completely undermined by these fundamental changes in the balance of power and its official status as the world’s reserve currency could be brought into question since it first achieved that status at Bretton Woods in 1944.

The end result of this shift in the balance of power could be that Europe is left in the middle between the US and the Asian giants but still dependent on energy from Siberia via the pipelines that are currently the nub of these conflicts.

The Joker in the deck is President Trump. Will he discontinue Obama’s policy of full spectrum dominance, the pivot to Asia and dominating the Middle East and withdraw at least in part to Fortress America?

2017 could be an important year exactly one hundred years after the 1917 Russian Revolution………..

Take time to watch the videos for a clearer explanation.


The Russia-China-Iran-Turkey Alliance will Change the Balance of Power in the World! 

The Real Reason The West is Pushing War With Russia

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