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Act Out! - Episode 119 Printer friendly page Print This
By Eleanor Goldfield
Sunday, Jul 16, 2017

This week on Act Out!: the G20. First, what's the history behind this swanky but vapid soiree for the figureheads of state in a global capitalist empire? Does anything actually get done or decided or is it just a sea of smiles and handshakes that further antagonize an already oppressed 99%?

Next up, we take you to the streets of the most recent G20 protests in Hamburg where hundreds of thousands of people stood, sat and protested as law enforcement once again made clear who it is that cops are meant to serve and protect. From physical violence against protesters to detainment, stalking and harassment, German Polizei went above and beyond the usual call of despotic duty. Chances are that you may have heard more about the “violence” perpetrated by activists in the streets, but let’s take yet another look at what violence really means and what tactical diversity is good for.

Finally, the Mariner East 2 pipeline is a 350+ mile pipeline that would carry liquid natural gas through Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania before reaching an export facility on the east coast. Energy Transfer Partners – the same company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline – has wasted no time using its muscle and money to clear the way for its dirty energy project. Luckily for people and planet, a group of pipeline resisters has taken to the trees for a large-scale tree sit that seeks to shut down this horrendous project. Elise and Dan from Camp White Pine join us to talk about their work, the power of solidarity and what to expect from the makers of the black snake.

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