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By Axis of Logic editors
Axis of Logic
Friday, Aug 18, 2017

We received the communication that follows and are very happy to provide some exposure for this cause. Our Venezuela-based editor has a rescue cat living with him, our Canada-based editor has 6 rescue cats living with him.

We are fully behind the efforts of those who urge 'Adopt, Don't Shop' and we highly recommend visiting the Humane Society's website and taking advantage of the wonderful guide to pet adoption that is linked below.

-prh, ed.


I first found you through a Google search, but I knew I had to reach out.

Pet adoption is such an important topic, and I'm always glad when people promote adoption over purchasing pets. You even went as far to add a link:

We appreciate your efforts to help get more pets out of shelters.

You're hearing from me right now because a few short months ago, we polled 200 shelters and rescues. With these interviews under our belt, we have created the best possible content, precisely because it was written based on the experience of over 200 professionals in this field. With the best possible content comes the best possible help for these animals that so desperately need the RIGHT person to take them home.

Since learning which topics are in demand, we created a series of 12 blog posts that cover hot topics. Such topics include tips for taking care of a new pet, the most common adoption myths (and there are many), and things to consider before adopting.

I'd like to ask that you please help us spread the word about our article by sharing a link. It would be ever so helpful, as I'm sure it was when you linked to

Here is the link to the article:

All this will cost you is about five minutes of your time, and in that time, you can help so many people make up their minds about adopting.

No matter what, keep on doing what you're doing!


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