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A Fly On The Wall With Trump Printer friendly page Print This
By thnkfryrslf
Axis of Logic
Monday, Jan 15, 2018

It's sometimes hard to write a serious comment regarding Donald Trump's mindless rhetoric. So I think a bit of satire is in order.

Taking place in the White House is a meeting between President Donald J. Trump, officials from his administration, and members from the Deep State. Donald Trump is still unaware that these very members from the Deep State are the ones running his government. He thinks he's still in charge. It's in the Deep States' interest to have Donald continue to think that.

All conversations will be between D.S. (The Deep State) and D.T (Donald Trump)


The meeting, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. has all attendees except D.T. seated. The meeting was originally set for 9:00 a.m., but D.T. wanted an extra hour of sleep, so they pushed the meeting ahead an hour.

At 5 after 10:00, Donald Trump arrives to murmurs of 'Good morning, Mr. President'. Trump, now seated, leans over to the man seated on his right and says, "Would you get me a diet coke please. Actually make it 2 diet cokes." The man, saying 'yes Mr.President', rushes off to get the 2 diet cokes.

Now happily sipping on his diet coke, the meeting gets started.

D.S.: Mr. President we have one important subject to discuss with you today. Africa.

D.T.: Okay.

D.S.: Africa, as you so astutely observed at a lunch with 9 African leaders in September at the UN, is where your many friends are going to try and get rich. When you congratulated them in acknowledging that your friends are spending a lot of money in Africa, I'm sure the 9 African leaders thought, 'finally someone - and not just anyone, but the Leader of the Free World - is recognizing our hard work in trying to bring the top entrepreneurs to Africa. And not just any entrepreneurs, but American entrepreneurs who will also teach us how we Africans too can become successful.'

D.T.: Yes, come to think of it they did look kinda shocked. I don't think too many Western leaders have taken the time to congratulate them.

D.S.: Just so, Mr. President, and this is why we think we should expand our reach in Africa. China and Russia are in there now and China especially wants full control over Africa's wealth, while leaving nothing for the Africans.

You're well aware of China's take-take-take attitude. We want to send our economists and more of our businessmen to Africa. The wealth that the U.S. creates from Africa will also be of great benefit to the American people, especially the middle class. This is why your idea of "America First" is so important. We want, on behalf of the African people, to be a buffer to China.

Africans need protection. Oh, there won't be outright military violence between us and China. We'll just send our military to Africa only to make China think twice about the theft they are incurring in Africa and maybe with a bit of luck, we'll get China to leave altogether.

You are the first president we have been able to talk with about Africa. Obama made it clear that he wasn't interested. All that is left to do is for you to sign an Executive Order letting the American people know that their government is once again on the move, with the interests of the American people foremost on our mind.

D.T.: What about the over reaction coming out of my meeting on immigration, where the fake news said I don't want immigrants from Africa?

D.S.: Not to worry, sir, we'll take care of it. You just said in an unguarded moment what most people think. Your honesty is refreshing even if the fake news tries to distort what you say. We know that you have great admiration for the African people and more importantly the African people know it too.

D.T.: What are you thinking of calling this Executive Order?

D.S.: 'America First Means Africa First.' You can change it if you want though, Mr. President.

D.T.: No, that's okay. I like the sound of it.

D.S.: If you agree, Mr. President, we'd like to get the Executive Order signed in the next few days, so you can point it out as one of your many accomplishments in the State of the Union Address that you'll be giving on January 30th.

D.T.: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

D.S.: I'm sure, like us, the American people are very excited, anticipating what it is you're going to say.

D.T.: Well, I've never had a problem making the tough decisions. I became a billionaire because of having made those decisions.

I'm also not afraid to make a quick decision. I hope the country of Africa appreciates what we're doing for them.

D.S.: Continent.

D.T.: What?

D.S.: Africa is a continent, not a country, sir. A slip of the tongue, I'm sure.

D.T.: Oh well, continent, country, who cares? Let's go ahead with the Executive Order and maybe we'll all get rich!

Everyone stood up and clapped, congratulating President Trump for his courage in forging ahead into the unknown.

Trump turned once again to the man on his right and said,"Would you please get me another diet coke."

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